Thursday, December 31, 2009

Rated #2 on kevin Nottingham's Top 10 producers

Kevin: This is a list that I hold near and dear to my heart. It was a close call between Exile and Oddisee for me. Oddisee was obviously one of the hardest working producers this year with his own solo album, his work as Diamond District, and his numerous instrumental EPs. Exile on the other hand had a great year with Fashawn’s Boy Meets World and his own instrumental album, Radio. Statik Selektah was real close as well, as he also delivered consistently great hip hop.

01. Exile
02. Oddisee
03. Statik Selektah
04. Damu the Fudgemunk
05. Jake One
06. Black Milk
07. Alchemist
08. M-Phazes
09. Illmind
10. Marco Polo

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The DCist give Diamond District's "In The Ruff" Best of 09

the give Diamond District's "In The Ruff" Best of 09. Click the picture to read the article.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Monday, December 28, 2009

DITLC: Digging In The London Crates

Today I went shopping for records in north London. Not to far from Angel station near Islington Green, I came across a dope shop called "Haggle Vinyl". The prices where decent and the selection was good. As I walked in the owners were preoccupied with other customers and paid no attention to the Hip Hopper with the back pack. Where I come from that's an invitation to steel records. After piking up a few records I realized they were all empty. just the covers where kept out and the records where kept in the back. (Genius)

XO: "Blah Blah" prod. by Oddisee

photo by Abdullah Pope visit

What up folks! my brother XO (1/3rd of the Diamond District) has got a new project dropping titled, "1.1.10". You guessed it, it drops on January first. I've contributed several beats to this album and I'm really excited for the world to hear them. Here's one of the tracks I produced for XO, the song is called "Blah Blah". Enjoy!

Click photo above or here to listen and/or download--------> XO: "Blah Blah" prod. by Oddisee

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Winter Updates

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the newest edition of what you've been missing. I've left home once again and this time for 3 months. I'm back in London wrapping up Olivier Daysoul's EP and Tranqill's album. After I wrap these projects up I'm off to Dubai for some private work and then off to Sudan to visit my family since I'll be in the neighborhood. Then, Diamond District tours Europe for the first time the whole month of February! Of course I make sure that my travels are not all work and no play. This is the first time I've been in London during the holiday season. So far I've had mulled wine, mince pies and enjoyed a lazy boxing day. The holidays in England aren't bad at all. In other news I've finally finished Trek Life's album "Everything Changed Nothing". I went out to LA over the summer to produce it and now the mixing is finally done. Believe me when I tell you this is one of the best projects I've ever produced! I'll share something with you all when I get the go ahead from Trek. And now for the photos, enjoy and peace!

Olivier Daysoul
Olivier Daysoul
Trek Life
Trek Life

Thursday, December 17, 2009

DJ Center Feat. Oddisee "Leave The City Outside"

The homie DJ Center and I collaborated on two tracks over the summer, I'm glad to finally see these come out. It was truly a joy to step from behind the boards and Rhyme over DJ Centers production. his album "Everything In Time" will be available Feb 9th 2010. Check out for more on DJ Center

Here's "Leave The City Outside" produced by DJ Center Feat. Oddisee
(Click The Photo To Download/Listen)

Low Budget Christmas

My brothers kaimbr, Roddy Rod & Kev Brown put together this dope project for the holidays. Low Budget For Life! enjoy

Click Cover to Download

Diamond District "In The Ruff" Remixes

Diamond District in ATL
Ladies & Gentlemen, welcome to the newest edition of what you've been missing! if you don't already know, when I go a while without posting that means I'm super busy. I've come up for air this past week and lunch. I've got some new remixes for you! yU (1/3 of Diamond District) has stepped from behind the Mic and in to the producers chair for his remix of "I Mean Business". Up & coming DC producer SlimKat78 has also blessed Diamond District with his remix of "Make It Clear". yU & SlimKat also have a group called "The1978ers". If you've heard yU's "Before taxes" you'd know SlimKat78 was all over that on the beats. If not, you're slipping. Now check out these remixes! peace.

yU's "I Mean Business" Remix (Click Photo To Download)
yU of Diamond District

SlimKat78's "Make it Clear" Remix (Click Photo To Download)