Tuesday, November 23, 2010

[Free Download] Stik Figa - "From The Top"

Stik Figa

I've been talking about this EP for a while now & it's finally coming out. Topeka, Kansas MC "Stik Figa & I came together to create the "From The Top" EP. In the tradition of Diamond District, Trek Life & Tranqill... "From The Top" brings you regional Hip Hop. This time from Topeka through the eyes of Stik Figa. Check the first single above & download it for free. Be on the lookout for the rest of the EP next week.

New Music: Helpless Dreamer Compilation

The New MMG Album

Helpless Dreamer

01 From The Top Stik Figa prod. Dunc & Oddisee
02 Birds & Bees - Diamond District prod. Oddisee
03 Official - Kenn Starr prod. Just Wright
04 This Is It yU prod. SlimKat 78
05 Different Now Oddisee & Toine prod. Oddisee
06 Home Comes First Kenn Starr, Finale prod. Apollo Brown
07 Judas Priest Buff1, Magestik Legend, prod.Apollo Brown
08 Don’t Sleep Invincible, Finale prod. Black Milk
09 Black Rose Has-Lo prod. Has-Lo
10 FuxWitDat prod. Has-Lo
11 Helpless Dreamer Roc Marciano, XO, Tranqill prod. Apollo Brown
12 For The Win Fresh Daily
13 July 27th 2010 prod. Oddisee

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Harrisburg Station

Olivier Daysoul

Olivier Daysoul & I were recently in York, Pennsylvania working with the talented Ralph Real. Ralph is my go to guy for keys & additional instrumentation on my tracks. here's a couple of shots I snapped of Olivier in this old fashion train station.

Olivier Daysoul
Olivier Daysoul
Olivier Daysoul
Olivier Daysoul

Saint Louis To Madrid

Duke High

Dutch producer Duke Hugh, hailing from Groningen, Holland Dropped his remixes of Olivier Daysoul's "Mr. Saint Louis EP" entitled, “St. Louis To Madrid” on his Bandcamp. Check out this beautiful Bossa Nova remix Duke did of "In The Now"



My homie Hezekiah has finally convinced his younger sister keziah to release some material. Just like her brother, kezekiah is a lyrical beast. I had the privilege of doing a remix for her that will be featured on her up & coming EP dropping December 1. Look out for it!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Wednesday, November 3, 2010