Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Quatermaine Stopped By

Ladies and gentlemen what up! I've been so busy wrapping up "Oddisee 101" that I haven't had time to post in a while. With the mix-tape finished it's time to get back to this behind the scene business. It occurred to me that through out a week I get quit a few friends, artist and guest stopping pass the studio. So in light of that I'm creating a "who stopped by" post in the blog. Whenever you see a name and "stopped by" as the title your going to get a quick glimpse at what folks are working on, what they've been up to and if they're ok with it, what they recorded. So today "Quatermaine stopped by". Q is a close friend of mine and also an original member of the "Low Budget Crew". he, Kaliber and "D.J. Marshall law" form the hip-hop group "Critically Acclaimed". The group had a strong buzz between 2002 and 2005, due to some real life changes the recording career was put on hold. Q is back in the lab working on a solo album and from the looks of it fans will finally see a complete C.A. album in the near future. Peep the exclusive video of Quatermaine recording his most recent song "Giving up" produced by Kansas Cities own, "Joc Max" and a brief interview with Q about his career and being a DC night club promoter.

Quatermaine recording a verse from "Giving Up"

Interview with Quatermaine

snippet of "Giving up"

(to download this song simply click on the blue title)

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Low Budget Loves Melbourne

Finally over our jet lag..... well sort of. We got into Melbourne, Australia on the morning of the 6th. We got checked into our hotel which was on Elizabeth st. and Lonsdale, that's one of Melbourne's main streets. The club venue was located on Elizabeth and Little Collins which was only a few blocks down for our hotel. On the 7th we took our walk about through the streets of Melbourne, ate some good food and did sound check for our gig. The show was dope and the crowd was really into to it. I think its safe to say Low Budget will be back next year. It's now 10:15am on the 8th of September and we're headed over to M-Phazes house to work on some tracks. (yes i will post what we do there) We're headed back to LA for a few days tomorrow and after that it's back home to the district. Thanks to everyone that made this trip possible and peace!

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Walked it out in Sydney

This is what it's all about. Sure we work hard and sacrifice allot in order to give the world music but in return we get to see the world that we give so much to. September 5th, 2007 was spent walking about the city and seeing the sites. Sydney is hosting the
this year so the worlds most powerful people are all in town. President Bush Himself followed us from D.C. to Sydney. The security here i insane right now, Snipers in helicopters circulating the city, entire city blocks fenced off and guarded by dozens of officers. Kev and I are still on the search to see some Aborginals. when we asked "where are the black people in Sydney" we were told to visit
BLACK TOWN.(,_New_South_Wales) yes people there is a suburb outside of Sydney called black town that is the home to many Sudanese, Ethiopian, Ugandan, and man other central and east African refugees. Australia had a white only immigration policy until the 1970's. Australia has the largest Greek and Italian populations outside of Greece and Italy. They however were considered non-white in the whites only policy. go-figure, Greece and Italy are responsible for European civilization. Man I love traveling the world and seeking the truth. This is the fuel I use to write. enjoy the photos. interviews, video and live show recordings are coming soon, peace!

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Sydney, Australia Day one

Yeah.... So we thought we won.. we thought we got off a 14 hour flight from LA, dropped off our bags, grabbed a bite to eat, did two radio shows saw some sites, got harassed by a homeless guy all without falling victim to jet lag... WRONG! I'm writing this blog at 2:50am on September 5th. (12:50 September 4th for you folks back home) Now, you may be saying to your self "what's wrong with writing a blog at 3:00am in the morning? well, I'm just waking up from an 8 hour sleep! What the f^#% are we supposed to do now?! so yeah, enjoy the photos of our first day in Australia. stay tuned, peace!

1.first radio interview with Kween G on The Tipping point radio show Alchemy radio
2.Sig's on the wall at Alchemy radio
3.Getting some good food
4.Alchemy radio
5.View of Sydney from Triple J radio
6.We Da Best!
7.Green power and liquor
9. Triple J radio Show with Maya Jupiter Maya Jupiter