Thursday, January 28, 2010

Download: DTMD- "The Basics EP" [taken from]

Growing up I always had a sense of being behind somehow because Michael Jackson was so amazing aged 5, and I have that familiar feeling writing this.

Last time I was in DC I was introduced to Dunc and 'Toine, two emerging artists making their way up in the DMV hip hop scene who could count amongst their friends, collaborators and teachers some of the finest producers and MCs in the area. I was blown away by the way Toine basically spoke entirely in hip hop lyrics (many of them probably penned before he was born), and Dunc was sending eager yet far more established producers obscure samples he wasn't yet ready to flip. They're 19.

Oddisee is one of thier key champions and Dunc actually produced The Shining on the debut Diamond District Album, whilst Toine was featured on '95 North on Oddisee 101 - here's what he had to say about them...

"These two dudes are way doper than I was at their age. I can only imagine what they'll be on when they can legally drink." -Oddisee

That being said this isn't a prelude to make you feel sorry for them and download this EP - I genuinely like it and have a feeling I'll be hearing a lot more from DTMD in the near future.

"A Song For That" being used in a Shen Bench Video

"A Song For That" has been used to score the most recent Shen bench video. Check it out!

Bonus video: "A Song For That" written & perfomed by Oddisee produced by M-Phazes

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Boat Behind By Kings Of Convenience

Once upon a time there once was a boy who only listened to Hip Hop. Anything else was just wack. 'Til one day, that boy started to make beats. He sampled songs from all kinds of genres and began to have an appreciation for music beyond his own narrow taste. That boy grew up to appreciate modern music that gave him the same feeling as the music he sampled, the classical, folk, soul and funk he used to create his own music. As a man he now listens to any and everything and feels sorry for the boys left in the world that have yet to develop a pallet large enough to appreciate anything but Hip Hop.

The End

And on that note.... check out my new favorite song & video

The Song is called "Boat Behind" by Kings Of Convenience of their 2009 release "Declaration of Dependence". Enjoy

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Buy Oddisee's New Instrumental Album: "Traveling Man"

Links To Purchase Vinyl + CD + MP3

As a musician, life is often lived on the road. Each city leaves its imprint on the artist as they develop their craft. Touring, recording, and keeping up with friends and family took Oddisee beyond his hometown of Washington DC to Australia, Europe, Asia, Africa, and South America. From cities like East Africa's Khartoum in Sudan, to cosmopolitan jaunts like Paris & Tokyo. The influence of these travels can be heard on every one of the 24 tracks included on "Traveling Man".
Each track was produced while Oddisee stayed in the city it was titled after. The result is a 24 city sonic tour of the world. Oddisee sees the world, so that you can hear it.

Links To Purchase Vinyl + CD + MP3

Track Listing
1. Goodbye DC
2. NYC
3. Paris
4. Miami
5. London
6. Khartoum
7. Sao Paulo
8. Tokyo
9. Brixton
10. Lagos
11. Long Beach
12. Melbourne
13. Boston
14. Atlanta
15. Philly
16. San Fran
17. Stockholm
18. Inglewood
19. South Central
20. Detroit
21. Chicago
22. Las Vegas
23. DC
24. Houston

Monday, January 25, 2010

The Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize 2009

Yesterday I went to the national portrait gallery in London to check out the Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize 2009 exhibition. If you're lucky enough to be in London before the exhibition ends February 14th, go see it! For all my peoples back home & else where in the world I grabbed a few pics I liked from the site. Have a look after the write up, peace!


The Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize 2009 presents the very best in contemporary portrait photography, showcasing the work of some of the most talented emerging young photographers , alongside that of established professionals, photography students and gifted amateurs.

This year's competition attracted over 2,400 photographers who together submitted more than 6,300 images. The resulting exhibition of sixty works, includes the four prize-winners and the winner of the Godfrey Argent Award, which this year goes to the most outstanding portrait taken by an exhibitor aged between 18 and 25 years of age.

Through editorial, advertising and fine art images, the mix of international entrants have explored a range of themes, styles and approaches to the contemporary photographic portrait, from formal commissioned portraits to more spontaneous and intimate moments capturing friends and family. Featuring many images previously unexhibited, the Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize 2009 represents a unique opportunity to see some of the most exciting contemporary portrait photographers working today.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

East London Street Art

Street art is one of my favorite things to see during my travels. I love how it can be playful or convey a serious message. I guess it reminds me of Hip Hop. Here are some random shots I took around east London, enjoy.

Friday, January 22, 2010

PMOI Exclusive: "Odd Winter" [Download]

Oddisee's back with another Put Me On It exclusive, the third installment in his season-themed series "Odd Winter". Not slowing down after his string of releases in 2009, he's also preparing to release his new instrumental album "Traveling Man" on Mello Music. Traveling Man will be available for purchase as a digital release January 26th and vinyl & limited edition slimlines (only at UGHH) February 23rd. Please visit Oddisee's new bandcamp page to download Odd Winter for free.

"This series has forced me to look at the seasons and time in a different way, they're like theme music." - Oddisee


Track Listing

01 Ci'iy Life Feat. Tranqill
02 Frostbit
03 Winds From The North
04 Black Broadway Feat. X.O
05 Brain Wash Remix Instr.
06 Riiight Feat. Stik Figa
07 Carry On instr.
08 The Warm Up Feat. Homeboy Sandman
09 Queue With No Coat
10 60901 Instr.
11 All Because She's Gone Instr.
12 It's Over Feat. Tranqill
13 Blizzard Of 09

Monday, January 18, 2010

Diablog: Odd Autumn Played In Church?

I've received emails from soldiers in Iraq telling me my music gets them through the day. I've received emails saying my music has saved a relationship. I've received emails saying my music is another artist inspiration. This email however will go at the top of the list of emails that made me smile.

dateTue, Jan 19, 2010 at 12:25 AM

Hey, just wanted to send some shout-outs. I’m a Pastor that digs on all your stuff. Thought you’d get a kick out of this. Before service starts, we have some background music going and we’ve been playing a lot of Odd Autumn. Thanks for making great music. Can’t play the other stuff at church, but man……….digging it all. Love diamond district and mental liberation the most. See ya,

dateTue, Jan 19, 2010 at 12:32 AM

Thank you so much, it means allot to me to know my music can be played and appreciated in a house of faith. Be in the look out for new material soon, peace.

Diamond District, Trek Life, Euro Tour Updates

This February Diamond District & Trek Life along with Quatermaine (Supa Qool DJ Uncle Q) are heading off to Europe for tour. We're still booking dates, please contact if interested. Tour dates are below the photos, peace!
Quartermaine (Supa Qool DJ Uncle Q)
Quatermaine a.k.a. Supa Qool DJ Uncle Q (Please visit
Trek Life
Trek Life

Diamond District Trek Life Euro Tour

11 - Mainz, Red Cat
12 - Brussels (B), Blue Funk District
13 - Münster, Skaters Palace
16 - Paris (F), La Bellevoise
18 - Linz (A), Kapu
19 - Roma (I), Acrobax
20 - Bergamo (I), Paci Paciana
24 - Heidelberg, Halle02
26 - Berlin, Bohannon
27 - Jena, Kassablanca

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Diamond District - The Stand Interview

Diamond District is the lat est group to receive the offi cial inter view treat­ment from The Stand. For those who want to delve deeper into the peo­ple behind the music, the video fea tures Oddisee and yU talk ing about what it's like to be a part of the tal ented trio that is Diamond District. Personal and deep, Oddisee and yU describe the process of mak ing the album In The Ruff and work ing together along side X.O. Despite the dif­fer ent tal ents and styles of the three mem bers, Oddisee states how impor tant it was for "like-minded indi vid u als" to come together to cre ate a Diamond District sound that is greater than the sum of its parts.

Perhaps the most excit ing bit of the inter view is the news that the next project for Diamond District is not too far away from fan's ears. Already four tracks into their new album, March On Washington, look for the album's release later in the year. In the mean time, Diamond District fans can look for ward to upcom ing solo releases from yU and Oddisee via Mello Music Group.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Diablog: I'm Sorry But No

RealHipHop December 21, 2009 at 7:26pm
hey Oddisee how are you?

im french. can you make me a favor?
i make this page for real hip hop lovers, and i wanna make other blogs, myspace... ONLY FOR REAL HIP HOP!!!
i wanna make my publicity.
can you make me a pic of you, with a paper on your hand with written "real hip hop"???
i ask that to rappers, graffers, models... all over the world.
i think of you because in france you are a big head of real hip hop, and you can be a very good publicity for me to start.
tell me if you are ok or no, its a simple pic for you, but a big big big favor for me. in exchange if you want i can make publicity for you.
i hope you understand me because my english is a little bad.
thanks ;-)

RealHipHop January 4 at 11:47am
hi, happy new year!!!
do you got my message?

Amir Mohamed January 4 at 12:02pm
Hello and happy new year. If you'd like a traditional radio drop, I'd be glad to do one for you. Holding a sign up how ever I won't, peace.

RealHipHop January 4 at 12:07pm
ok thanks, i just wanna a pic of you like the pic of my profile ( ) to make my publicity. for real hip hop lovers.
if you need a favor in exchange, no problem, tell me.
tell me if you are ok for the pic, sorry for my bad english lol.

Amir Mohamed January 4 at 1:34pm
Hello again, I don't think you understood me. I am always happy to help promote hip hop but I do not do it by holding up signs in pictures. Once again I'm sorry, peace.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Diamond District's "In The Ruff" selected as 12th best Hip Hop album of 2009

A bunch of albums could have received an “Honorable Mention” this year, for various reasons. Love ‘em or hate ‘em, Eminem’sRelapse and Jay-Z’s The Blueprint 3reminded us of what it feels like when an album’s release date is treated like anevent. Royce Da 5’9's Street Hop, jumpstarted by Royce’s spotlight-stealing moments on the Slaughterhouse (Royce, Joell Ortiz, Joe Budden, and Crooked I) album, could have made the cut. So could Fashawn’s Boy Meets World, Skyzoo’s The Salvation, or UGK’s UGK 4 Life. Diamond District (emcee and producer Oddisee joined by artists XO and YU) gets the nod because, with In the Ruff, this group made the rather bold decision to create an album that recalls the boom-bap sound of the 1990s, yet remains relevant to the contemporary landscape and also stays true to the group’s origins. By “origins”, I’m referring to the fact that Diamond District’s members were raised in Washington, D.C., Maryland, and Virginia. Washington, D.C., in particular, lends a peculiar atmosphere in that it sits at the center of United States politics while also sporting crime rates and income disparities that are out of this world. Listening to In the Ruff, I can’t help but wonder if maybe the politics and the not-so-great stuff are related. Diamond District offers intricate rhymes delivered with the ease that characterized the Native Tongue posse of the ‘90s, coupled with smart loops and bass-heavy beats in the mode of DJ Premier and Pete Rock. These guys make the ‘90s sound a heck of a lot better than I remember it. Quentin B. Huff

Also check it out on

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Decode: Digital Design Sensations

Today I went to an exhibition at the Victoria & Albert museum called Decode: Digital Design Sensations. The exhibition featured the latest developments in digital and interactive design, from small screen based graphics to large-scale installations. There was this dope screen designed by Mehmet Akten called Body Paint. As you walked past it, bright colors appeared on the screen capturing your body's movements. Kind of like splashing paint following your every move. check it out!
Here are some photos I took of the exhibition along with a few pics of the V & A's Green Dinning room & cafe. (Beautiful!) I'm out!
Decode exhibition
Decode exhibition
Decode Exhibition
Decode exhibition
V&A Green Dinning Room

Saturday, January 2, 2010

How I spent The First Day of The Year

Ice Skating At The Natural History Museum London
Happy new year to everyone! To be honest new years is just another day to me. I'd be lying however if I said I don't do a bit of reflection and prediction. I usually spend new years eve chilling at home and mapping out what I want from there year to come. This year i decided to try something different and I attended the Pause/Living Proof party at the Big Chill House in London. The music was live and the vibes where great! The next day I hit up London's Natural history museum to check out the Veolia Environment Wildlife Photographer Of The Year Exhibition. The exhibit was amazing and the winner was Jose Luis Rodriguez of Spain. Click on his award winning photo to read more on him, his technique and the picture its self.
Here's some shots I took inside and outside of London's natural history museum and the south bank, peace!
Ice Skating At The Natural History Museum London
astronaut sculpture
Ice Skating At The Natural History Museum London
weight of the world on his shoulders
Ice Skating At The Natural History Museum London
medusa sculpture at natural history museum london
Ice Skating At The Natural History Museum London
south bank carousel