Friday, July 30, 2010

Trek Life DC Release Party & Diamond District Show


This Saturday, July 31, 2010 will be a great day for Hip Hop in Washington DC. Trek Life will be coming to DC for the first time to celebrate the release of his new album "Everything Changed Nothing". Trek will also be DJ'ing and premiering songs from my next three releases. details below

Venue: Policy
Address: 1904 14th St NW
Washington DC 20009
Time: 5:00pm to 8:00pm
Free admission, open to the public


Later on that evening just down the road from Trek's release party, there will be an all star DC hip hop line up performing at the Black Cat. Featuring Diamond District, DTMD, Cornell West Theory, Damu The Fudgemunk & DJ Underdog hosted by Grap Luva. Set Times & details below.

Set order:
DTMD: 9:30-9:45
Damu The Fudgemunk: 10:00-10:30
Cornell West Theory: 10:45-11:30
Diamond District: 11:45-12:30

Venue: The Black Cat
Address: 1811 14th st. NW
Washington DC
Doors at 9:00pm
Tickets $12.00

Both events are taking place this Saturday July 31st, 2010

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Diablog: Help Me Get My Girl Back

Got this email yesterday, Homie wants to rap over a Diamond District Instrumental to get his girl back. Good Luck! read below.

------Original Message------
From: J T
Subject: Diamond District--First Time--
Sent: Jul 27, 2010 10:17 AM


my name is J and I'm from Germany. I'm writing you because I need your help. I want to rap a song for my girl to get her back. And the beat of your song First Time is perfect for my rap. Therefore I need your help to get the instrumental of that song. I'm a normal student in Germany of a technical university and i don't want to make money with that song. I just want to get my girl back by my own rhyme on your track. Please...Oddisee I'm talking to you as a brother from east-africa (Eritrea).I really need ya help


fromAmir Mohamed
dateTue, Jul 27, 2010 at 12:00 PM
subjectRe: District--First Time--

Hello J,

Here you go, I hope it helps brother.

Good luck,

Thursday, July 22, 2010

New Free Beat-Tape: West Coast Beats -Hosted By Trek Life

In preparation for Trek Life's new album "Everything Changed Nothing" available July 27th, I put together a "West Coast" beat-tape.
Coming from the city of Go-Go, I've always loved production inspired by funk. when it comes to funk inspired hip hop, no body does it like the west. While I was on the west producing Trek Life's album that inspiration went further than being a fan. I don't know if it was the palm trees, beaches, or burgers but this is what I was making in LA. Listen, Download, Enjoy & purchase "Everything Changed Nothing"

<a href="">Still Never Rains [Instr Snpt] by oddisee</a>

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

De La Soul Are Diamond District Fans

Diamond District recently performed at the Brooklyn Hip Hop festival. The headliners of the event we De La Soul. BrooklynBodega caught up with the legendary group after their performance. Here's what they had to say about Diamond District

BB: You have so many fans all over the place. You just mentioned that you’ll listen to Mos‘ album and think you have to step your game up. Are there any new artists that you’re feeling? Are there any younger cats that you like and how do you feel about the way Hip-Hop is right now?

Pos: Overall, creativity is definitely lacking. But there’s always good groups, man. There’s always new things that I can hear. There’s new things that I hear from the South. It can be a rhyme that Jeezy said [and I’m like] “Whoa!”. There are things that Lil Wayne says, there’s always things that I hear that I think sounds dope. One of the groups that I’ve been stuck on for a minute — I’ve known Oddisee for the longest — but his project Diamond District, I’m stuck on them n*****. I love Diamond District. I play that shit every day…

BB: You missed them. They rocked earlier today.

Pos: I know. Religiously, I rock with them. I mess with them.

Visit for the entire interview

Monday, July 19, 2010

Graph Artist "Askew" uses "The Blooming" off "Odd Spring" To Score Video

RIME x MYLA x ASKEW x DABS x REVOK from Askew One on Vimeo.


From Askew:
This is the first of my videos about my stay in Los Angeles with Rime and Revok. This is a wall we painted in Hollywood with LA based/Australian artists Dabs & Myla. These guys are doing some incredible paintings for an upcoming show – was totally blown away by their canvas work.Rime did this piece in memory of his friend Semz.

Additional camera duties were taken on by Jersey Joe aka the Coach aka Joseph-Style.

The music is Oddisee – Bloom off the “Odd Spring” album which is available for free download here.

ESPN Uses Apllo Brown's Remix Of Daimond District's "Streets Won't Let Me Chill"

ESPN covers NYC's biggest skate competition to date and uses Apollo Brown's remix of Diamond District's "Streets Won't Let Me Chill" as background music.

Featured Artist On Brandracket

Taken from

Our friends at Audible Treats recently hipped us to Oddisee, a Washington, DC-based emcee and one-man production juggernaut. A true citizen of the world (the songs on his amazing Traveling Man LP are named for cities at home and abroad), he's like musical catnip to our actions sports clients. Recent placements include Quiksilver North America, Quik Europe, DC Shoes and Etnies.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

XXL Says Trek Life Single Is A Banger

The first single off Trek Life's new album "Everything Changed Nothing" was on the front page of yesterday under BANGERS!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Trek Life's New Single "So Supreme" On iTunes

Trek Life - So Supreme
You may have heard this while watching the NBA finals on ESPN. "So Supreme" the first single off Trek life's new album "Everything Changed Nothing" is now available on iTunes. I release free music so that when something is for sale you all support it. Put your money where your ears are folks! I produced Trek's entire album during one of my stays on the west coast and I promise you it will be on of the best albums of 2010. links to buy the single and pre-order the album are below.

Purchase "So Supreme" on ---> iTunes

Pre-order "Everything Changed Nothing" on ---> UGHH.COM

BONUS: Trek cruises LA while listening to his album. Check it out!

LRG Uses "Streets Won't Let Me Chill" In Skate Video

Friday, July 9, 2010

5th Annual J Dilla Tribute & Fund Raiser

The DMV loves Dilla each and every day, but this Friday heads are really expected to come out and represent for the 5th Annual J Dilla Tribute and Fundraiser. The Washington, DC music community will come together once again for a night filled with hip hop and soul to honor the legacy of beatmaker, producer and DJ extraordinaire J Dilla who lost his battle with lupus in 2006. This year's tribute is on tap to be the largest yet, with a venue change to the Black Cat and with special guest Talib Kweli headlining the event, which will feature local talent galore such as Kokayi, Diamond District and Alison Carney to name a few. The brainchild of J Laine who will serve as the evening's musical director, proceeds from the event will benefit the J Dilla and Lupus Foundations. Tickets are on sale for the low-low of $15 in advance and $20 day of the show at the Black Cat box office or online at TicketAlternative.

Taken from

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

[Adult Swim]

So my homie Ralph Real calls me up and says... "Yo, I was watching adult swim last night and they were playing your beats!" Nice! Thank you adult swim, you all have great taste in music.

Hip Hop Leaves The City [Interview With NPR]

Last week I took NPR around Prince Georges county, Maryland (Where I was raised) to show them how gentrification, stagnant development, poor public schools & crime is effecting America's wealthiest majority black county. The interview has generated allot of controversy from NPR's older & conservative online subscribers.
They seem to have focused in on the fact I use profanity and the "N" word. They also say my accent and use of slang is butchering the English language.... Their English, not mine. My English is a colloquial tongue that allows my people to know where I'm from. It was given to me by my ancestors who learned English improperly from lower class Englishmen. (most of them from the mid-lands of the UK, Scotland & Ireland. English was often times their second language and they spoke it poorly) My accent is an un-removable stain from their white collars & dirty hands. it's proof that no matter how many centuries I've been in America, no matter how well I choose to speak English... English is my second language.
The funny thing is, by looking at the comments I can tell none of them "listened" to my interview. They simply read the paraphrased summery and started attacking.

Interesting fact: Out of NPR's 80 million listeners only 80 thousand of them are online subscribers. out of those 80 thousand, only a handful post comments. Out of that handful, an even smaller amount post over opinionated, close minded, pseudo intellectual bullshit.

Any how, Ya'll bes lissen to ma mu'fuckin intaview oan NPR!

Interview With

While in London over the winter, the good folks over at sat down with me for a chat in park. click here to read ----->