Saturday, October 31, 2009

Hezekiah Covers Diamond District in Atlanta A3C

I knew when the homie Hezekiah was walking around with a camera he was up to something. Check it out!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Diamond District Write Up In The Washington City Paper

Respect to the Washington City Paper for always supporting "All" the Hip-Hop DC has to offer.

Arts Desk: News and Criticism on D.C. and Beyond

DMV Rap Attack: Diamond District Drops


After a very promising (and very free) test release of the clean version several months ago, Diamond District’s In Da Ruff is officially available in stores today, with cuss words restored and bonus tracks. Though it isn’t getting the national acclaim that Wale is, the trio of emcees XO, yU and rapper/producer Oddisee have cut what is certainly the most complete D.C. rap album of the year. And it might just be the best in many years.

In The Ruff was also released on nice double vinyl, a huge look for a contemporary rap album. Whether that vinyl can actually be purchased within the city limits is yet to be seen—not one of the remaining boutique-y record stores in this city actively stocks new hip hop vinyl. (Shame on you, Smash, Som, Red Onion & Crooked Beat. Oh yes, we’re naming names.)

Diamond District on Front Page Of iTunes

Diamond District's "In The Ruff" is available today and it's on the front page of itunes under "New & Noteworthy! Get your copy & support!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Until Next Time New York

I'm on the china bus back to DC, it's time to finish up all these damn albums and finally start mapping out some release dates. This was possibly the best CMJ I've attended. I met some amazing people, rocked some serious shows and got to see some brilliant show cases. The best show case/performance I saw was by far Blitz The Ambassador at Okayplayer's "Ok Africa" show case. I haven't seen energy like that on stage in years! (no I didn't bring the camera.... it was late & raining) here's some more random photos from the trip.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

CMJ: Foreign Exchange & The Beat Junkies

42 st NYC
Last night I headed up to 42 street, Time Square to see the Foreign Exchange perform at BB King's. To my surprise Bobby Brown had a performance just before theirs at the same venue. From what I heard, Bobby Brown's family ran up a $30,000 tab and Brown had to use the money he was going to pay his band to pay the tab! According to my "Source" the band refused to leave until they were paid causing the Foreign Exchange show to start late. Perfect for me because me getting there an hour late ended putting me on time.
Bobby Brown @ BB King NYC
I've seen Little Brother many times but I've never seen a Foreign Exchange show, I'm glad this was the first one. On stage with Phonte was Darien Brockington, Yahzarah & Carlitta Durand. The band he used to play along side Nicolay was none other that Washington Dc's The ELs.
Check these two video clips from their performance last night.
Before the FE show I went to check the Beat Junkies spinning at Sutra Lounge. On the way I ran into Invincible & The narcicyst on the street. We grabbed some kebab's and turkish coffee with Andreyas from Plug Research and proceed to the gig.
Invincible & the narcicyst
(Invincible & The Narcicyst)
Beat Junkies @ Sutra CMJ 09
(Early Crowd at Sutra Lounge For the Beat Junkies)
Mr. Choc
(Mr. Choc)
Bonus Pics: Random People in NYC
Random People NYC Sub Way
Random People NYC Subway

Friday, October 23, 2009

CMJ 09 Updates

(in this photo: Rapper Pooh of Little Brother Von Pea of Tonya Morgan)

Still in New York for CMJ and still having a great time. Last night I performed at the Audible Treats show case at South Paw in Brooklyn. The crowd was great, the vibe was right and it's always nice to link with the artist I listen to and meet face to face. Earlier in the day yU & I went past the 9th annual "CMJ Urban Meet N Greet" at "Von Keller". DJ's for the night were
Lushlife, JS-1, Edan, Rich Medina & J Rocc.
(Rich Medina)
We headed to Brooklyn after the meet and greet to rock at south paw.
(Finale & John Robinson)
(One Be Lo & Pumpkin Head)
(AG & Sadat X)
Bonus: The other day sat down with former Scratch Magazine E-I-C Jerry Barrow and
talked about sampling and the Diamond District.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Diamond District in NYC for CMJ

It's that time of year again, the time of year where all your favorite artist come to New York City for a week of show cases & events. CMJ has served as a platform for emerging artist for years, this year Diamond District joined the bill.
Check out video of Diamond District performing "I Mean Business" at the Brooklyn Bodega CMJ show case in NYC

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Headed To NYC For CMJ Week

My self and Diamond District are heading to New York City this week for CMJ. Diamond District will be performing at the Brooklyn Bodega show case on October 21st. I'll be performing as a solo artist at the Audible Treats showcase on October 22nd. Diamond District will be in NYC until October 25th some be sure to say what up when you see us on the streets of NY. Here's the info, hope to see you there!

Brooklyn Bodega 2009 CMJ Showcase

cmj09 revised oct 14

The lineup is set:

Pac Div
Big Sean
Jesse Boykins III
Diamond District (going on from 8:00 pm to 8:15 pm)
Those Chosen
Kimberly Nichole
DJ Parler
Hosted by Wes Jackson

Oct 21st
85 Ave A (bet 5th and 6th)

Audible Treats CMJ Showcase 10/22

Audible Treats showcase that will feature Souls of Mischief,
Tanya Morgan
, Trinity
Sadat X
, DJ
JAB), Kam Moye, Oddisee, Finale, Jern Eye, TruthLive, and Keelay. This one pretty much sells itself. It's going down next Thursday (10/22) at Southpaw in Brooklyn. You can buy advance tickets for just $5 here.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Kanye's A Genius For This One

Video is called "We Were Once A Fairy Tale" a short film by Spike Jonze.

Click on the Photo to see the video.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Diablog: The internet makes us all to accessible

Any one can ask you anything on the internet, some of it is just funny by accident.

Clear Chat History
6:46pmFrench Dude





6:47pmFrench Dude

kon and amir?

kon and amir?


no, I'm Oddisee

6:47pmFrench Dude

do n you make hip hop


but my real name is Amir

6:47pmFrench Dude


i know oddisee


6:47pmFrench Dude

firend of kev brown



6:48pmFrench Dude

and low budecjt

you have produce



6:48pmFrench Dude

Wordsworth gotta pay

dooooooooooooooope beat


yup, that's me.

6:48pmFrench Dude


DC Hip Hop Dominating Okay Player's News Entries

Odd Autumn, Kev Brown's "Another Random Joint" video, Audible Treats "CMJ Showcae"(I'm performing in) & DJ Buddy's "Diamond Exchange" mix-tape all on Okay player's "Latest News Entries" at the same time. DC Hip Hop, thank you.

Great review of "Odd Autumn" by

(Review=Praise) Oddisee’s “Odd Autumn”

By Eric | October 18, 2009

Hip Hop in 2009, at least in my humble opinion, was the “Year Of The D (Detroit)”, as releases from Now On (”Tomorrow Already”), Buff 1 (”There’s Only One”) and 14KT’s debut instrumental opus, “The Golden Hour” flooded the eardrums of Hip Hop without fair warning, captivating audiences with their signature, sonic boom. However, 2009 has most definitely been the year of “the D” once again…..except this time around it’s another “D”, D.C. First it was the arrival of the collaborative effort from D.C.’s Oddisee, yU and XO aka Diamond District with their FREE release “In The Ruff” that opened my eyes and ears to Hip Hop’s new “hotbed”. Next up was the ridiculously cohesive effort from yU “Before Taxes” (one of the top two or three releases of the year IMO), yet offered up as another free gift for listener’s yearning for a return to Hip Hop’s yesteryear. Finally, XO’s “RealMATIC” which was yet another FREE LP, with it’s heavy Go-Go influence that made me say “Wale who?”. Now, with last week’s release of Oddisee’s “Odd Autumn” that has be wondering just how much dopeness are these cats gonna’ unleash before they start charging us for it! I mean, damn, the aforementioned releases are better than the majority of actual albums that have dropped thus far in 2009.

In the same vein as his previous instrumental LP “Odd Summer”, “Odd Autumn” is the perfect companion for the season upon us, and my favorite time of the year I might add. It’s no secret that Oddisse, for lack of better wording, “got beats”, as past releases such us the “101″ & “102″ compilations, “Mental Liberation”, the Jazzy Jeff-mixed “Foot In The Door” mixtape and his collabo with Trek Life “New Money” have all been mainstays on my Ipod over the last few years. Matter of fact, I’m not the type of cat who like to load his Iphone up with music either, but if you check my music player right now I have two seperate playlist on my phone, simply titled “Diamond District” and “Low Budget” (ps…Kev Brown stays killin’ it as well!). It’s a shame that Oddisee, while heavily respected in the underground, isn’t listed amongst Hip Hop’s greatest producers…yet. However, with his healthy output this year, Oddisee just isn’t simply gonna’ ask for your respect, he’s beating down your door and taking it! Simply put, 2009 has found Oddisee rubbing elbows with the greats when it comes to craftiness and innovation in Hip Hop production.

Now, let’s not front, some of ya’ll so called “producers” putting out “beat tapes” comprised of finding a not-so-obscure sample and looping it for three minutes and placing it amongst 20 or so other tracks that all follow the same format…well, that’s not an “instrumental” LP per se (forgive the “run on” sentance). Not only is “Odd Autumn” original it’s downright INCREDIBLE. I first heard the LP mid-week as it served as my work-out music for the AM, and let me add “Odd Autumn” is ideal for those mornings where you just can’t seem to get motivated. You know, those mornings where you’ve just downed your second cup of coffee and still can’t get out the door as you surf the internet for various garbage, all the while avoiding the day that lies ahead. All you need is a dose of “Odd Autumn” folks, each cut on this album takes you on a emotional high. Just for a quick taste, peep the two cuts that I’ve posted above. You know how Eric B & Rakim’s “Don’t Sweat The Technique” has revived itself thanks to appearances in TV spots for “NBA2k10″ and “Target”? Well, “Almost A Year Since” is that kinda’ cut that reeks of “..Technique’s” energy and replay value. I can’t even front, after hearing the first few seconds of the cut, I was like “what the fu*k is this house sh*t”, but as I allowed the beat to play out I found myself reaching for the replay button for nearly an hour straight as I finished my workout to this neck-snapper supreme. Jesus, can you even imagine Rakim, Kane or Kool G Rap spittin’ on this speed racer? While not quite as uptempo, but featuring a similar build-up to “Almost A Year..”, “Everything Changed Nothing” will have you closing your eyes and “seeing colors” the way that Pharell Williams has mentioned he envisions them when making a beat. The last 45 seconds of “Everything..” is simply beautiful as the track leaves you wanting more while the static of a record takes the track to it’s fitting close.

Short but all the more sweet, Oddisee’s “Odd Autumn” serves as the blueprint for how instrumental offerings should sound. It’s cat’s like Oddisee, yU, Kev Brown and em’ that keep me loving this music and coming back for more, even at the ripe-old age of 34.


Friday, October 16, 2009

PMOI Exclusive: Odd Autumn

Long-time contributor and friend of PMOI Oddisee gave us the second installment of his seasonal instrumental playlist series "Odd Autumn" today. Known for the diversity of his production style, Oddisee has been making music with collaborators all over the world this year, and we think this album is a great example of his eclectic yet always soulful palette. After the huge success of Odd Summer, we hope you enjoy the soundtrack to fall, "Odd Autumn"; which we imagine you'll follow up with the official release of "In The Ruff" by Oddisee's group Diamond District, set for release October 27th on Mello Music & is currently featuring on Rolling Stone's Hype Monitor.


01 The Supplier Feat. Tranqill
02 Almost A Year Since
03 Everything Changed Nothing Instr.
04 Every Day People instr.
05 Pulp Fiction
06 Saw Myself Today
07 The Second Date
08 Grey's Anatomy
09 Tell The Truth Instr
10 Theatre
11 Autumn Run
12 Bonus: Tell The Truth feat. Nikki Jean

Free download - ODD AUTUMN:

+Pre-order "In The Ruff" CD or collectors edition CD & double vinyl
(fatbeats (cd) + fatbeats (vinyl lp) + ughh (cd) + ughh (vinyl))

+ Free download - ODD SUMMER

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Philadelphia's Two One Five Magazine Mentions Diamond District in DC Hip Hop Article

By young h | Send to Friend

Historically known for the heavy percussive go-go sound (snuck into popular urban culture through Jill Scott’s It’s Love and The Root’s “Rising Up”), Washington, DC has barely had a lasting presence in Hip-Hop aside from forgettable songs like the Questionmark Asylum’s “Hey Look Away Now” and Nonchalant’s “5 O Clock”. With Barack Obama’s rise to national leadership having a culture shifting impact and the potential to change what seemed to be a hopeless destiny brought on the Bush administration’s two terms in office, DC’s Hip-Hop scene has followed in tow as set to shake things up on both the underground and mainstream fronts as heads impatiently await the next movement to rave about.

Following in the footsteps of legends such as Diamond D, Pete Rock, Large Professor and Q-Tip, Oddisee simultaneously wears the hats of MC and producer and has been hailed as one of the best up and coming acts in both arenas. As part of the Low Budget Crew (members including the hungry and rising Kenn Starr and Kev Brown) Oddisee’s music wasn’t easily attainable to those who didn’t follow the underground with a fine toothed comb. While the Foot In The Door mixtape and Oddisee 101/102 compilations served as proper introductions, it was this past April’s Diamond District album In The Ruff that sent shockwaves through Hip-Hop’s blogosphere and rendered his vision one to be closely heeded. The group Diamond District consists of Oddisee, and the lesser known X.O. and yU, all of whom contribute a crucial piece to this puzzle. yU represents lyricism of the highest order, X.O. speaks for the gritty perspective of the streets and Oddisee is the crew’s overseer and visionary, producing the bulk of the album and carrying the heavy weight of his city’s Hip-Hop scene on his shoulders. The album (available for free at is already considered one of 2009’s sleeper hits and looks to do wonders for the careers of all three members, with X.O. steadily putting out mixtapes of his own, yU releasing the stellar Before Taxes project shortly after the Diamond District album recently came out, and Oddisee’s Mental Liberation compilation released May 5th on Mello Music Group. Between hard work resultant in good art and the cosign of former Maryland resident turned omnipresent tastemaker Peter Rosenberg, Oddisee and the Diamond District are well on their way to rising through the ranks of subterranean Hip-Hop’s elite.

On the mainstream side Wale is slated to be the not only the area’s breakout success story, but one of Hip-Hop’s next biggest sensations period, with a buzz that has now reached deafening levels. Having been covered in most major media outlets from hipster rags Urb and The Fader to the more ubiquitous Source magazine before signing a deal with major label powerhouse Interscope Records (home to 50 Cent & Eminem amongst other big sellers), and making the cut for XXL’s 2009 Freshman 10 article, it’s hard to turn a corner without hearing mention of his name. With only released a string of mixtapes to his credit thus far, what separates Wale from the throng of rappers shooting for superstardom? His appeal is far reaching as he’s considered a trendsetter and somewhat of a cultural leader in the streetwear/sneakerhead circles, hometown supporters want to see him win (the anthem “Nike Boots” celebrated DC and one of its most popular choices for footwear), and most of all he’s actually supremely talented at rapping. Talk of Wale’s name officially went into overdrive with his cover of French electronic band Justice’s “D.A.N.C.E.” from his mixtape 100 Miles And Running, and his appearance on The Roots’ Rising Down album shortly preceded The Mixtape About Nothing which boosted his star power even further. His sights seem to be set on bridging the gap between the hip crowd consumed with the latest Hip-Hop fashion styles and diehard music enthusiasts who award points for creativity, witty lyrics and topic material of substance, for example “The Kramer” addressed cultural usage of the n-word in the wake of Michael Richards’ public outburst. In preparation for his debut album Attention: Deficit set to drop in a few months, Wale will be shortly releasing the Back To The Feature mixtape with production wizard 9th Wonder, guest appearances including Talib Kweli ,Joe Budden, Joell Ortiz, Bun B, and Royce the 5′9. Already having established clout with “real” heads, Attention: Deficit’s risky lead single “Chillin” features new pop sensation Lady Gaga and is a far cry removed from his primary endeavors to date. The album will also reportedly feature a range of guests from Q-Tip to Marsha Ambrosius and John Mayer, likely to establish Wale as the name that immediately comes to mind when Hip-Hop and the nation’s capital are mentioned together.

Whether you live for the era where music was more pure and unfiltered or you’re just a casual listener looking to move your head, DC’s present ambassadors for Hip-Hop culture won’t disappoint your ears. The Diamond District and Wale are both breaking ground for the city by showing respect to old-time authenticity and looking towards the future respectively.