Saturday, May 31, 2008

Illmatic Remix Party?

What up world! how ya'll been doing? Oh me? I been fine, just making beats and rhymes while traveling the globe. Sorry for the um..... break I took but I had to cut the grass and take the trash out. I'm back in the basement now and on my nerd shit. So I'm supposed to be leaking new shit on here right? yeah right....ok then lets get into some new shit.
Last night was a good night to be in DC. it was the Nas "Illmatic Remix" party at the Rock & Roll hotel in NE, DC. Inner Loop records (Big up beta, Scrilla & Nfinit) selected 10 producers and 10 mc's ro recreate Nas's classic album "Illmatic". Each producer was given a track off the album and the original sample which it was created from. I was given "Memory Lane" to remix. Since I'm an ego maniac I did the rhyme myself. Big ups to all the artist and producers who were in the building last night and not at the Lil'Wayne show. So lets get into this "Memory Lane Remix", Below is the remix, original sample, and or course Nas's version. Check it out and see what if you can oick out the parts I sampled, peace.
Oddisee "Memory Lane" Remix

Reuben Wilson "We're In Love"

Nas "Memory Lane"