Friday, April 29, 2011

The Kilahertz - I'm A King


New song & video by my brother Trek Life. He recently formed a group with producer Speesh beats, violinist Jason Yang & DJ Buddy. Together they're the Kilahertz & the song is called "I'm King". Check it, check it out!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

DC To New Port News


April 8th I headed down to Norfolk, Virginia to do a show at Old Dominion University. I took a couple shots on the train ride going & coming. I'm always amazed by how swampy & southern life just outside the District is. Listening to Bill Withers on the way down made the cipher complete.


Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Times

The Times Cover

Here's a track I jumped on from Apollo Brown's brilliant "Clouds" instrumental album. Something about the mood of the beat finally made me put to words how I felt about the situation in north Africa & specifically my home country of Sudan. Listen & download below. I've also posted the lyrics for anyone interested in reading them, peace.

Televised revolutions on the net/

Only yet we're witnessing connecting us could pose a threat/

Over through the openness of poverty & hopelessness/

Cover it with shadows of a mob, tipping over stress/

& they've got their torches lit/

Progressive acting vocalist/

Close the lips of those who only wish to keep on holding whips/

Stolen chips are given back, what be that, Sherwood/

Justice wears the face of us, who be that, Thurgood/

Butter flies are flapping wings/

off the banks of river Nile/

Entitled waves amass a scene/

wash away the villains vile/

This is how we disembowel/

The belly of beast/

Another message from the east/

I only hope we hear it loud/

Let the wise men deliver, to the salivating crowd/

Thirsty for the end of hurting, fiending to begin the plow/

Plant the seeds for the pupils raised in the ways of now/

Present for the present state to never let it come around/

& My, my look at the times we're living in/

As blind eyes begin to see the vivid end /

As time dies, a new era fit to begin/

Let's celebrate the end, & get to starting over/

Birth of a nation/

Problems that they're facing/

Shadowed by rejoicing tears, cry for liberation/

Indeed congratulations is in order/

I'm from north of the border/

Responsible for the slaughter/

I was always on their side/

For them I'll always ride/

Being raised in the states, I learned we're in the same tribe/

Niggas in the eyes of those from outside/

They wanted us to die, it's conquer & divide/

It's all for the oil that rest beneath our soil/

Within our turmoil their nations are going to thrive/

It's too late though/

The murders & the rape/

Have replaced how we relate/

With the kind of hate though/

All according to plan/

Use the color of a man/

Then divide up all his land/

As if it was fate though/

But good luck though to my brothers in the south/

Africa's youngest country hope you show them what you're about/

& My, my look at the times we're living in/

As blind eyes begin to see the vivid end /

As time dies, a new era fit to begin/

Let's celebrate the end, & get to starting over/

Monday, April 4, 2011

Photo: Low Budget Crew At Southpaw

Hassaan Mackey
Hassan Mackey

My Lowbudget brothers recently had a show at Southpaw in Brooklyn, NY. Just a couple photos I snapped back stage.

Hassaan Mackey, Homeboy Sandman, Ke Brown & Early Read
Hassaan Mackey, Homeboy Sandman, Kev Brown & Early Reid

Sean Born
Sean Born

Hassan Mackey, Kaimbr, Sean Born
Hassaan Mackey, KAIMBR & Sean Born


Photo: Construction At Heathrow

Construction At Heathrow Airport