Thursday, July 30, 2009

New Track: "We On To Something"

New Track I Wrote & Produced For The Good Folks Over At Funkadelic Freestyles at GW University Radio

Listen/Download: We On To Something

Introductions are always easier in warm weather. Hence why the good folks from Funkadelic Freestyles, the increasingly-popular weekly independent hip-hop radio show out of The George Washington University in Washington, DC, picked the summer season to broaden their audience. With a tremendous amount of help from their like-minded hip-hop peer, FWMJ of Rappers I Know, they’re proud to present their first-ever collaborative mixtape featuring all new and original music from artists like Oddisee, Danny Brown, X.O., Finale, Kay of The Foundation, Che Grand, Senor Kaos & DJ Spinna, Trackademicks, Akrobatik, Mr. Lif, and many more. The first volume of music bears the title "The Off Season," in reference to the lengthy summer hiatus between college semesters. It’s hosted by radio personality Jamie Benson (aka jben.ok) and mixed by DJ Jerome Baker III with special appearances from co-hosts Jay Promo, King Carter, Unkle Scooty, andSneakaman Dan.

Volume 1: The Off Season will be available for free download on Tuesday, August 4th, 2009 - a week before Funkadelic Freestyles returns to the airwaves for their season premiere - , , and Volume 2: Back In The Game, featuring more new and original music from Blu, The ARE, Hassaan Mackey, Random, and others, is set to be released on August 18th.

Funkadelic Freestyles is live on-air every Tuesday night, beginning August 11th, from 8-10pm EST on WRGW Radio at The George Washington University in Washington, DC. Featuring in-studio interviews from artists in the independent hip-hop realm, including Wale, Oddisee, Torae, Tanya Morgan, Kenn Starr, and many more. Visit for listening info and for special Thursday night shows through August 28th.

Listen/Download: We On To Something

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

"Chocolate City Dreaming" on Gilles Peterson Show

DJ Mitsu guest DJ's today on The Gilles Peterson show. He played an Instrumental I Produced called Chocolate City Dreaming off of my "Odd Summer" EP. Check the show out and download "Odd Summer" if you don't already have it. Summers all most over and there will be an "Odd Autumn", peace!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Diablog: Where'd You Get That Jacket?


Jul 26, 2009 3:20 PM




hey oddisee. my name is _ _ _ _ _ and i'm from poland. i'm a big fan of your music... i've just looked through your myspace gallery and found there a pho to where you worn nice jacket. could you tell me the brand, model, etc...? i know that's stupid but i'm looking for jacket like that for long time and it could bereallyhelpfull for me. here


much love from poland,


Jul 27, 2009 12:20 AM


RE: ask...


hey there, I actually got that jacket from H & M last year. They might not have the exact jacket but they usually will have something similar every year. Good luck & I hope you find it, peace.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Diablog: A Good Label Owner

A well established label hit me up a few days ago interested in Diamond District & my future projects. These are the type of emails I liked opening.




Amir (Yes, this is you.) Learn more


Tue, Jul 21, 2009 at 3:28 PM




hide details Jul 21 (5 days ago)

Peace. Wanted to build about doing some work together. let me know who i can reach out to.








Tue, Jul 21, 2009 at 3:35 PM


Re: Label


hide details Jul 21 (5 days ago)

Hello there & thank you for reaching out to us. What us it you had in mind? Peace.







Tue, Jul 21, 2009 at 6:45 PM


Re: Label

hide details Jul 21 (5 days ago)

i would like to see what your plans are for your next albums. both for you and the group. any thoughts about what kind of situation are you looking for, if any? maybe we can sit down and discuss. The label is based in _ _ _ _ _ but i grew up in MD and go to visit family from time to time. probably gonna be there in the next few weeks. you guys still stay in DC area?







Tue, Jul 21, 2009 at 5:05 PM


Re: Label


hide details Jul 21 (5 days ago)

We've had a few offers on the table for our next album but we won't look in to them until the album is done. As for my self, I have a few offers as well for my solo. Peter Rosenberg and company are looking to push me to a major when my record is complete. My self and the group are still very interested in any offers as nothing is in concrete yet.

I'm in London at the moment and should be home in the first week of august.

Here's my number

In the mean time, if you'd like to reach me here's my online info.




I'm online now, peace.







Tue, Jul 21, 2009 at 5:19 PM



hide details Jul 21 (5 days ago)

Cool let's just keep talking cause I think _ _ _ _ _ would be a great home for you all. Not sure if you are familiar with the label but send your address and I'll get you some of our recent releases.







Tue, Jul 21, 2009 at 5:40 PM


Re: Label


hide details Jul 21 (5 days ago)

No doubt, looking forward to hearing what you have to offer. I'll check you out on line in a sec.

Here's my address:

Washington, DC


Feel free to send MP3's or links to check projects out. No need to mail anything if it's easier, peace.

This could be promising......

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Diablog: The Label Owner

this is a real conversation I had with a label owner. when I asked to be payed this is what happened.

person X (11:32:24 AM): Nothing, project has little to no budget
person X (11:32:31 AM): We paid ___________ 250
person X (11:32:38 AM): And he is who he is

oddisee (11:32:53 AM): he ain't nobody to me
oddisee (11:32:57 AM): please don't name drop
oddisee (11:33:11 AM): he aint been tight since his first album
oddisee (11:33:16 AM): but that doesn't matter
oddisee (11:33:37 AM): its just... I trully don't have time to work if I don't benefit from it
oddisee (11:33:58 AM): you're with distro I aint heard of and payin next to nuthin on a beat I prolly aint gonna feel
oddisee (11:34:10 AM): no disrespect I like you
oddisee (11:34:24 AM): but I make music for a living so i can live to make music
oddisee (11:34:29 AM): I manage my self
oddisee (11:34:40 AM): so I gotta look out for me
person X (11:35:51 AM): Ok we understand
person X (11:35:58 AM): Its worth asking

oddisee (11:36:07 AM): I fuck with what your doing
oddisee (11:36:12 AM): just not how you doing it
person X (11:36:28 AM): Well our distro doesn't give us advances
oddisee (11:36:39 AM): they're not suppose to
person X (11:36:41 AM): We are rubbing pennies to make a spark
oddisee (11:36:45 AM): your a label
person X (11:37:03 AM): Not a funded label
oddisee (11:37:09 AM): well....I've been there and i'm past that point and i'm tryna go further
person X (11:37:16 AM): We are musicans tryin to make something happen
person X (11:37:24 AM): I understand

oddisee (11:37:25 AM): as am I
oddisee (11:38:42 AM): dont ge me wrong, i aint all about money but again "i make music for a living so i can live to make music". how many of your artist work day jobs?
oddisee (11:38:47 AM): i aint tryna do that
person X (11:39:21 AM): We all do
person X (11:39:32 AM): We are not in a postion to just make music

oddisee (11:39:43 AM): i'm sorry to hear that
oddisee (11:39:53 AM): i ain't had a 9 to 5 since 04
oddisee (11:39:58 AM): tryna keep it that way
oddisee (11:40:02 AM): feel me?
person X (11:41:10 AM): Yes and no
person X (11:41:20 AM): I respect ur postion

oddisee (11:42:00 AM): only reason i'm even talking to you right now is cuz i care
person X (11:42:22 AM): I feel ya
oddisee (11:42:32 AM): really?
person X (11:43:06 AM): Well again yes and no
person X (11:43:20 AM): U shitted on one of my fav mcs a mins ago
person X (11:43:30 AM): Who charges 2500 a verse
person X (11:43:57 AM): And who rocked with us bc he likes our music

oddisee (11:44:51 AM): did I?
oddisee (11:44:58 AM): i dont shit on people?
person X (11:45:01 AM): The ________ comment
oddisee (11:45:08 AM): you must be talking bout honsety
oddisee (11:45:22 AM): am i wrong for what i said?
oddisee (11:45:50 AM): _________ aint hot in the streets right now cuzin
oddisee (11:46:05 AM): forgive me for being blunt
oddisee (11:46:10 AM): i'm a _________ fan to
oddisee (11:46:20 AM): that track he did with ________ was dope!
oddisee (11:46:37 AM): but i aint suprised you got him for 250
person X (11:46:59 AM): We paid 400 for the track with ________
oddisee (11:47:09 AM): beond him reaching out to you cuz he like what ya'll doin...he doin what any smart artist would do.......he tryna saty relavent
person X (11:47:15 AM): But the track with him and_______ and _______ was 250
oddisee (11:47:41 AM): you act like i'm asking for a million dollars
oddisee (11:47:50 AM): i'd do a verse for you also
oddisee (11:48:25 AM): but what i wont do is...allow you to call me a ''local up and coming artist" and expect me to do it for free
person X (11:48:29 AM): No dollars and sense who would get us more record sales if we are speaking money
person X (11:48:45 AM): I am asking to rock the track if u feelin it
person X (11:48:52 AM): Because u are from the area

oddisee (11:49:11 AM): i'm sayin if i feel the track can i get paid for the verse?
person X (11:49:11 AM): Not the up and comin thing
person X(11:52:19 AM): I dunno I will ask the dude

oddisee (11:53:09 AM): i say i aint work a 9 to 5 since 04 and say "i'm tryna keep it that way, feel me?" and you say "yes and no" as if i'm expected to work a shitty job and do what i love on the side, and when i do get a chance to make music, i'm supposed to do it for free? to what...."keep it real"?
oddisee (11:54:05 AM): to me it sounds as if you dont think a verse from me is worth much
oddisee (11:54:14 AM): and believe me thats a disscount
person X (11:57:41 AM): Its kinda like punching me in the nose and asking if the blood tastes good
person X (11:58:16 AM): If I had money to spend on everyones verse on this album then the album would cost around 8k
person X (11:58:46 AM): I was lookin for this track to be a local track
person X (11:58:57 AM): I heard ur tracks liked em
person X (11:59:06 AM): And then asked u
person X (11:59:23 AM): I am not tryin to be little what u are doing
person X (11:59:39 AM): And not askin for some cheesy shit on love or keepin it real

oddisee (11:59:50 AM): i hope not
person X (11:59:58 AM): If u like the track rock on it
oddisee (12:00:16 PM): but cut corners on somebody elses verses not me cuzin
person X (12:00:47 PM): That's fine and understandable
oddisee (12:01:50 PM): if your tryna make sumthin happen and be about the music...why do you name drop so much?
person X (12:04:00 PM): Not name dropiin just comparing what u asked for and what we have already paid
oddisee (12:04:19 PM): nah i'm talkin in previous convos
person X (12:04:25 PM): Plus u prob never even heard our material
person X (12:05:04 PM): Some of the people I speak with only care who u are working with
oddisee (12:05:17 PM): i understand that
oddisee (12:05:19 PM): i aint them
oddisee (12:05:26 PM): i hate name dropping
person X (12:06:11 PM): Well everyone is differnet
person X (12:07:38 PM): No one really cares about the dc metro music scene they have written it off as go go music
person X (12:07:56 PM): So sometimes u have to fight the tide

oddisee (12:07:59 PM): really???????
oddisee (12:08:07 PM): i get press and shine all the time
oddisee (12:08:19 PM): i hate to name drop but have you seen the new scratch mag?
person X (12:08:28 PM): Nope
oddisee (12:08:29 PM): i'm doin aight cuzin
person X (12:08:45 PM): U been in the game longer
oddisee (12:08:52 PM): people interview me on the d.c. hiphop scene all the time
oddisee (12:09:02 PM): i had cats come do dvd's on the d.c. metro
person X (12:09:13 PM): Plus hate to say it u are black
person X (12:09:32 PM): I run in to a lot of road blocks bc I am white

oddisee (12:10:12 PM): really??????????
oddisee (12:10:21 PM): i aint heard that b4
oddisee (12:10:38 PM): scott free from d.c and he a&r'd loud records for years
person X (12:11:09 PM): Yea well some people are ushered in
person X (12:11:27 PM): But when u start from the ground up its hard
person X (12:11:43 PM): Specially when most white people in this game are distrusated

oddisee (12:11:57 PM): i see
oddisee (12:12:09 PM): thats a side of the game i dont know about
person X (12:15:31 PM): Well its there unfortuantley
oddisee (12:16:05 PM): i always thought white people ran the game
oddisee (12:16:20 PM): and got oppurtunties faster than blacks
oddisee (12:16:43 PM): you run a label right? and you signed artist right? and you got distro right?
person X (12:17:59 PM): Well actually asian people run the game
person X (12:18:10 PM): And people from the middle east
oddisee (12:18:29 PM): word?
oddisee (12:18:35 PM): not jews?
oddisee (12:20:27 PM): yo, i gotta step. got some verses to record for some over seas mixtapes
oddisee (12:20:31 PM): nice talkin to ya
oddisee (12:20:33 PM): peace

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Diablog: The Show That Never Happened

I Really wanted to make this show happen but some times rappers are hard to get in contact with. (This is a mobile text dialog, absolutely nothing was changed)

20 May 2009 01:38 AM
Rapper: Yall wanna open
Oddisee: Sure
Oddisee: When & Where?

21 May 2009 12:55 PM
Oddisee: Let me know when and where homie. _ _ _ _ _ got a job, he works Sun-Wens. If the show falls on one of those days he needs to let his job know, peace. How you been man!?

26 May 2009 02:13 AM
Rapper: Why aren't u performin?

31 May 2009 02:54 AM
Rapper: Why u not performnat _ _ _ _ _?
Oddisee: Hey, what up? I responded to you asap when you hit me on 5/19. Told you _ _ _ _ _ needed time to get off work. Never heard back from you & his new schedule came out. It's all good though, next time.
Oddisee: When is your next _ _ _ _ _ gig? Let's set it up proper for then. Appreciate the invite still.
Rapper: I'm not even sure
Oddisee: No worries then , inshallah next time.

9 June 2009 07:14 AM
Rapper: blank message
Oddisee: Hey, saw you sent a text but it came through blank, what up? I'm in London at the moment, email me if you can, much cheaper. Email: _ _ _ _
Oddisee: You get my last text? I know you busy, holler when you get a sec.

And I Haven't Heard From Him Since.......


when you manage your own career you have no middle man, no buffer, no person to be the asshole for you. I'm going to start posting some of more, how you say... interesting dialogs I've had with promoters, labels, producers, artists, etc..... enjoy.

The Frenchmen That "Keeps It Real" "For The Love"

----------------- Original Message -----------------
Date: Jul 22, 2009 6:06 AM
Subject: 90's breaks collabo ODDISEE

YO!! Whats up !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
its _ _ _ _ _ (producer) & _ _ _ _ _(emcee) FROM PARIS
we contact you for real hip hop we have see a video of you
you are very dope
we works on a Project boom bap EP cd for release in september
we have choice you for make a song with _ _ _ _ _
ninetees 90's vibes boom bap
give me your email if you are ok for sent the beat we can give you beats for your project too
say me if you are ok its can be good for get show in france

i know you are producer very good producer
but i know you are emcee too

----------------- Original Message -----------------
A : _ _ _ _ _
Date : 22 juil. 2009, 15:22
Objet : RE: 90's breaks collabo ODDISEE

Thank you for contacting me. I'm always down to collab with other artists. Music is my job so i do charge. here are my prices.

16 Bars- $
full song- $

If that's ok let me know, peace.

------------ Original Message ------------

I understand you
but 1st its expensive
and we cant pay
we just do it for love music boom bap hip hop
not buissness
because industrie is dead
its hard
no problem

RE: RE: 90's breaks collabo ODDISEE


No problem, I understand. I make my living doing what I love, so I know all about doing it for the love. The industry is alive and well my friend, it's the reason I'm able to make money to feed my self from music.
Doing what you love to do for free does not mean you're doing it for the love. You see, I love hiphop so much that if I had to do anything else to make money and take time away from making hiphop , I would go crazy.
So when you say you are doing it for the love, does that mean anyone asking for money is not?

I make music for a living so I can live to make music.


Sunday, July 19, 2009

Juice Magazine & The Rolling Stone Uff with Oddisee!

Found these and forgot to post them. Juice Magazine (Europe's Largest Hip Hop magazine) & The Rolling Stone gave me some recognition recently. Diamond District received album of the month in Juice magazine & the Rolling Stone covered me in their "Internet Buzz" blog.

Mpho Skeef acoustic performace of "Box N Locks"

Yesterday I attended the United Underground show at the South Bank Centre in London. There were dozens of acts that ranged from Dubstep DJ's to spoken word artists. I personally went to see Afrikan Boy (who shut it down!) but was surprised by Mpho Skeef. Mpho is a south London singer by way of South Africa who is now signed to Parlophone records. She stopped by to perform her new single "Box N Locks'' which comes out on Monday. Check out the video of this amazing acoustic version! (Fact: This is her first time performing an acoustic piece).

Friday, July 17, 2009

Leon Ware @ The Jazz Cafe London

Last night I went to see Leon Ware for the first time live
at the Jazz Cafe. Leon has written and produced for artists
like Marvin Gaye, Minnie Riperton & Maxwell to name a
few. Hearing this SIXTY NINE year old man perform such
influential material was nothing short of inspiring. Last night
was the closest I'll ever get to hearing Marvin Gaye live and
understanding the effect his music would have had on a live
audience. I hope you enjoy this highlight reel I put together.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Portraits: Parkour

Andrew Cagle shot a short documentary on parkour in Glasgow, Scotland, that aims to paint a picture of what parkour is all about. Everyone in this film is part of the Glasgow Parkour community. he use the instrumental to my song "Hip Hop's Cool Again as the back ground music. Check it out!

Bonus: Hip Hop's Cool Again

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Tranqill Freestyle

UK MC Tranqill chats briefly about the project we're working on and kicks a
quick rhyme. Check out the video

Download/Listen to "The Supplier" Tranqill Prod. By Oddisee

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Louis Den Beat Cypher #5

This trip to the UK has been an amazing one! I've never been to Birmingham before so when the good folks from "Eat Good" records hit me up to participate in their "Louis Den" beat cypher, I was with it! check it out.

Kicking It With in London

I'm here in London working on albums with tranqill & Olivier Daysoul. The good folks over at caught up with me to talk music, money, strategy & much more. Check it out, peace.

Kid Cudi @ The Wireless Festival, London

I was at the wireless festival in Hyde Park, London last weekend. Some amazing acts performed and the crowds were really in to it. Check out Kid Cudi performing "Day & Night"

Monday, July 6, 2009

Traveling Man

I've been in London working on Tranqill's project & Olivier Daysoul's but my stay has not been all work. I've enjoyed quit a few festivals, concerts & nights while in the U.K.

@ Deviation with Invincible & Finale

@ Deviation with Little Brother after their Jazz Cafe Show

@ The Guilty Simpson Show with UK MC "Jehst"

@ The Wireless Festival with Semtex

To see more of my trip, please visit my Flickr Photo Stream @


Tranqill is my absolute favorite U.K. MC! We met will I was on tour. He noticed I had no London dates & asked if I'd like to come to London anyway to record and possibly get a gig. Upon my arrival we skipped a few fares & hopped a few trains to get to the studio. (my first trip to london started off great!) Once at the studio, we had a cypher of beats & rhymes and his style really impressed me. We've done a few tracks since but the full album is finally coming. Check this track out from in the mean time.

Download/Listen to "The Supplier" Tranqill Prod. By Oddisee

Olivier Daysoul

Olivier (Olivier Daysoul) ST. Louis is a singer from the DMV who has lived a good portion of his like in the U.K.. We met during one of his visits back to DC and decided we should work together. Since then he's been featured on allot of my material & we've finally done a full project together. Be on the look out for the "Mr. Saint Louis" EP soon!

follow @olivierdaysoul on Twitter!

Stik Figa Mayne!

John (Stik Figa) West Brook is an MC I came across from Topeka, Kanas. I first heard him on Miles Bonney's myspace page which then lead me to his own page. I loved how skillful & thought out his rhymes were but still managed to have a comedic undertone. I hit him up, ask to produce him and he said yes. He flew out to DC & within 4 days Stik & I completed 12 tracks. The album will be done, titled & available soon. In the mean time, check Stik Figa out on "What's Crazy", (Track from my "Mental Liberation" compilation) Stik's on the third verse.

Listen/Download "What's Crazy"

Follow @stikfigamayne on Twitter

Diamond District

XO, YU, Oddisee together make the Diamond District! To know all you need to know about this classic album please visit

It's A Different World

My homies stopped by from Southern Virginia to get some beats & rhymes from the oddster. Check it out!

I rocked With The Roots!

I still don't believe it....

Black Thought x Oddisee x CurT@!n$ Live @ The Jam 5/26 from Okayplayer on Vimeo.

What Have I Been Up To?

Where do I start? well... ok then, here goes.

Diamond District- Group consisting of myself, XO & YU. I produced 10 of the albums 12 tracks. It was download twelve thousand times in it's first month and has received nothing but love from fans an artist alike. The physical version of the album will be for sale some time in the fall with two additional songs & the instrumentals

Rocking with The Roots- I took a trip to NYC and ended up on stage with The Legendary Roots crew at their weekly NYC jam session. Earlier that day Peter Rosenberg got me into the super sold out Drake show, what a day!

Mental Liberation- Compilation I dropped on Mello Music Group featuring J-Live, Invincible, Finale, Black Milk, Trek Life & many more

New Money- My remixes of Trek Life's "Price I've Paid" album

Odd Summer EP- Free Download instrumental EP I put together to welcome the summer. People love it, Try it with your friends. ;)

Oddisee Music- These days I've been focused on releasing my own projects. Instead of chasing down placements I've decided to work with up and coming artist to bring fresh, new & innovative music to Hip-Hop & R&B.

Over the next few months I'll be introducing the world to Stik Figa & Tranqill . I'll be reintroducing the world to Olivier Daysoul, Trek Life, Diamond District.

Even though my focus has been on full projects I've still managed to place a few beats & rhymes on projects.

Outasight- Exclusive

Fresh Daily- Universal Medicine

Super Friends- Super Friends

Mic Legacy- Different World

Finale- Pipe Dream & a Promise

JR&PH7- Fast Lane Speeding

Trek Life- New Money

and more...

and Without further ado, lets get back to some posting shall we!