Monday, July 6, 2009

Olivier Daysoul

Olivier (Olivier Daysoul) ST. Louis is a singer from the DMV who has lived a good portion of his like in the U.K.. We met during one of his visits back to DC and decided we should work together. Since then he's been featured on allot of my material & we've finally done a full project together. Be on the look out for the "Mr. Saint Louis" EP soon!

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ebohero said...

bump into this guy at the beat cypher.......had to retake! lool

he shakes hands like a maaan!..... yu two together gunna be droppin sum flame

viagra online said...

He is an excellent singer. I've been buying music about him, specially this year, and you know what? I think he's special, and I love his material. i hope you post something else about him, specially the lyric about the last track, I couldn't find it on Google!