Monday, July 6, 2009

What Have I Been Up To?

Where do I start? well... ok then, here goes.

Diamond District- Group consisting of myself, XO & YU. I produced 10 of the albums 12 tracks. It was download twelve thousand times in it's first month and has received nothing but love from fans an artist alike. The physical version of the album will be for sale some time in the fall with two additional songs & the instrumentals

Rocking with The Roots- I took a trip to NYC and ended up on stage with The Legendary Roots crew at their weekly NYC jam session. Earlier that day Peter Rosenberg got me into the super sold out Drake show, what a day!

Mental Liberation- Compilation I dropped on Mello Music Group featuring J-Live, Invincible, Finale, Black Milk, Trek Life & many more

New Money- My remixes of Trek Life's "Price I've Paid" album

Odd Summer EP- Free Download instrumental EP I put together to welcome the summer. People love it, Try it with your friends. ;)

Oddisee Music- These days I've been focused on releasing my own projects. Instead of chasing down placements I've decided to work with up and coming artist to bring fresh, new & innovative music to Hip-Hop & R&B.

Over the next few months I'll be introducing the world to Stik Figa & Tranqill . I'll be reintroducing the world to Olivier Daysoul, Trek Life, Diamond District.

Even though my focus has been on full projects I've still managed to place a few beats & rhymes on projects.

Outasight- Exclusive

Fresh Daily- Universal Medicine

Super Friends- Super Friends

Mic Legacy- Different World

Finale- Pipe Dream & a Promise

JR&PH7- Fast Lane Speeding

Trek Life- New Money

and more...

and Without further ado, lets get back to some posting shall we!

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Kwis said...

Glad to see this ain't dead. Keep it up, you're one of the freshest voices and sounds we've got right now!