Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Kicking It With Soulculture.co.uk in London

I'm here in London working on albums with tranqill & Olivier Daysoul. The good folks over at SoulCulture.co.uk caught up with me to talk music, money, strategy & much more. Check it out, peace.


Delantay said...

O you one some grown man shit. Thought the interview was really insightful. Droppin gems, glad to see you grow as a artist, but as a man and business man too. PROPS

gH0st said...


Yo, thanks for the real words. A friend hooked me up with an instrumental mixtape of yours that got jacked from my vehicle...i been looking for it ever since. the track playing in the background of this interview with you is the one joint i would like to get again, as i started playing with singing some lyrics over it and it's mad nice.

if you could send me a link or something i'd appreciate it. and of course, if i ever got to the point where i wanted to use the instrumental on a demo we could discuss payment.

what's the name of the track?

yours truly,

trevor aka
serious trouble