Thursday, July 23, 2009


when you manage your own career you have no middle man, no buffer, no person to be the asshole for you. I'm going to start posting some of more, how you say... interesting dialogs I've had with promoters, labels, producers, artists, etc..... enjoy.

The Frenchmen That "Keeps It Real" "For The Love"

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Date: Jul 22, 2009 6:06 AM
Subject: 90's breaks collabo ODDISEE

YO!! Whats up !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
its _ _ _ _ _ (producer) & _ _ _ _ _(emcee) FROM PARIS
we contact you for real hip hop we have see a video of you
you are very dope
we works on a Project boom bap EP cd for release in september
we have choice you for make a song with _ _ _ _ _
ninetees 90's vibes boom bap
give me your email if you are ok for sent the beat we can give you beats for your project too
say me if you are ok its can be good for get show in france

i know you are producer very good producer
but i know you are emcee too

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A : _ _ _ _ _
Date : 22 juil. 2009, 15:22
Objet : RE: 90's breaks collabo ODDISEE

Thank you for contacting me. I'm always down to collab with other artists. Music is my job so i do charge. here are my prices.

16 Bars- $
full song- $

If that's ok let me know, peace.

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I understand you
but 1st its expensive
and we cant pay
we just do it for love music boom bap hip hop
not buissness
because industrie is dead
its hard
no problem

RE: RE: 90's breaks collabo ODDISEE


No problem, I understand. I make my living doing what I love, so I know all about doing it for the love. The industry is alive and well my friend, it's the reason I'm able to make money to feed my self from music.
Doing what you love to do for free does not mean you're doing it for the love. You see, I love hiphop so much that if I had to do anything else to make money and take time away from making hiphop , I would go crazy.
So when you say you are doing it for the love, does that mean anyone asking for money is not?

I make music for a living so I can live to make music.



Pause said...

Hahaha nice one man. Looking forward to more.

Duncan said...

Jazzyboombapp hiphop for the luv of the "proyect", LMAo, hilarious

Duncan said...
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