Thursday, July 16, 2009

Portraits: Parkour

Andrew Cagle shot a short documentary on parkour in Glasgow, Scotland, that aims to paint a picture of what parkour is all about. Everyone in this film is part of the Glasgow Parkour community. he use the instrumental to my song "Hip Hop's Cool Again as the back ground music. Check it out!

Bonus: Hip Hop's Cool Again


Jay Large said...

Thats was a good video from the people in my home town.... They got that good taste in music too!!!


Jay Large said...

Forgot to say Oddisee you should peep this dude from Edinburgh...Parkour on bikes!!!

How good would an Oddisee beat be on his next He got one with a Beastie Boys joint over it.... Anyway enjoy the stunts in this one...sick as heel bruh!

Jay said...

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