Saturday, July 25, 2009

Diablog: The Label Owner

this is a real conversation I had with a label owner. when I asked to be payed this is what happened.

person X (11:32:24 AM): Nothing, project has little to no budget
person X (11:32:31 AM): We paid ___________ 250
person X (11:32:38 AM): And he is who he is

oddisee (11:32:53 AM): he ain't nobody to me
oddisee (11:32:57 AM): please don't name drop
oddisee (11:33:11 AM): he aint been tight since his first album
oddisee (11:33:16 AM): but that doesn't matter
oddisee (11:33:37 AM): its just... I trully don't have time to work if I don't benefit from it
oddisee (11:33:58 AM): you're with distro I aint heard of and payin next to nuthin on a beat I prolly aint gonna feel
oddisee (11:34:10 AM): no disrespect I like you
oddisee (11:34:24 AM): but I make music for a living so i can live to make music
oddisee (11:34:29 AM): I manage my self
oddisee (11:34:40 AM): so I gotta look out for me
person X (11:35:51 AM): Ok we understand
person X (11:35:58 AM): Its worth asking

oddisee (11:36:07 AM): I fuck with what your doing
oddisee (11:36:12 AM): just not how you doing it
person X (11:36:28 AM): Well our distro doesn't give us advances
oddisee (11:36:39 AM): they're not suppose to
person X (11:36:41 AM): We are rubbing pennies to make a spark
oddisee (11:36:45 AM): your a label
person X (11:37:03 AM): Not a funded label
oddisee (11:37:09 AM): well....I've been there and i'm past that point and i'm tryna go further
person X (11:37:16 AM): We are musicans tryin to make something happen
person X (11:37:24 AM): I understand

oddisee (11:37:25 AM): as am I
oddisee (11:38:42 AM): dont ge me wrong, i aint all about money but again "i make music for a living so i can live to make music". how many of your artist work day jobs?
oddisee (11:38:47 AM): i aint tryna do that
person X (11:39:21 AM): We all do
person X (11:39:32 AM): We are not in a postion to just make music

oddisee (11:39:43 AM): i'm sorry to hear that
oddisee (11:39:53 AM): i ain't had a 9 to 5 since 04
oddisee (11:39:58 AM): tryna keep it that way
oddisee (11:40:02 AM): feel me?
person X (11:41:10 AM): Yes and no
person X (11:41:20 AM): I respect ur postion

oddisee (11:42:00 AM): only reason i'm even talking to you right now is cuz i care
person X (11:42:22 AM): I feel ya
oddisee (11:42:32 AM): really?
person X (11:43:06 AM): Well again yes and no
person X (11:43:20 AM): U shitted on one of my fav mcs a mins ago
person X (11:43:30 AM): Who charges 2500 a verse
person X (11:43:57 AM): And who rocked with us bc he likes our music

oddisee (11:44:51 AM): did I?
oddisee (11:44:58 AM): i dont shit on people?
person X (11:45:01 AM): The ________ comment
oddisee (11:45:08 AM): you must be talking bout honsety
oddisee (11:45:22 AM): am i wrong for what i said?
oddisee (11:45:50 AM): _________ aint hot in the streets right now cuzin
oddisee (11:46:05 AM): forgive me for being blunt
oddisee (11:46:10 AM): i'm a _________ fan to
oddisee (11:46:20 AM): that track he did with ________ was dope!
oddisee (11:46:37 AM): but i aint suprised you got him for 250
person X (11:46:59 AM): We paid 400 for the track with ________
oddisee (11:47:09 AM): beond him reaching out to you cuz he like what ya'll doin...he doin what any smart artist would do.......he tryna saty relavent
person X (11:47:15 AM): But the track with him and_______ and _______ was 250
oddisee (11:47:41 AM): you act like i'm asking for a million dollars
oddisee (11:47:50 AM): i'd do a verse for you also
oddisee (11:48:25 AM): but what i wont do is...allow you to call me a ''local up and coming artist" and expect me to do it for free
person X (11:48:29 AM): No dollars and sense who would get us more record sales if we are speaking money
person X (11:48:45 AM): I am asking to rock the track if u feelin it
person X (11:48:52 AM): Because u are from the area

oddisee (11:49:11 AM): i'm sayin if i feel the track can i get paid for the verse?
person X (11:49:11 AM): Not the up and comin thing
person X(11:52:19 AM): I dunno I will ask the dude

oddisee (11:53:09 AM): i say i aint work a 9 to 5 since 04 and say "i'm tryna keep it that way, feel me?" and you say "yes and no" as if i'm expected to work a shitty job and do what i love on the side, and when i do get a chance to make music, i'm supposed to do it for free? to what...."keep it real"?
oddisee (11:54:05 AM): to me it sounds as if you dont think a verse from me is worth much
oddisee (11:54:14 AM): and believe me thats a disscount
person X (11:57:41 AM): Its kinda like punching me in the nose and asking if the blood tastes good
person X (11:58:16 AM): If I had money to spend on everyones verse on this album then the album would cost around 8k
person X (11:58:46 AM): I was lookin for this track to be a local track
person X (11:58:57 AM): I heard ur tracks liked em
person X (11:59:06 AM): And then asked u
person X (11:59:23 AM): I am not tryin to be little what u are doing
person X (11:59:39 AM): And not askin for some cheesy shit on love or keepin it real

oddisee (11:59:50 AM): i hope not
person X (11:59:58 AM): If u like the track rock on it
oddisee (12:00:16 PM): but cut corners on somebody elses verses not me cuzin
person X (12:00:47 PM): That's fine and understandable
oddisee (12:01:50 PM): if your tryna make sumthin happen and be about the music...why do you name drop so much?
person X (12:04:00 PM): Not name dropiin just comparing what u asked for and what we have already paid
oddisee (12:04:19 PM): nah i'm talkin in previous convos
person X (12:04:25 PM): Plus u prob never even heard our material
person X (12:05:04 PM): Some of the people I speak with only care who u are working with
oddisee (12:05:17 PM): i understand that
oddisee (12:05:19 PM): i aint them
oddisee (12:05:26 PM): i hate name dropping
person X (12:06:11 PM): Well everyone is differnet
person X (12:07:38 PM): No one really cares about the dc metro music scene they have written it off as go go music
person X (12:07:56 PM): So sometimes u have to fight the tide

oddisee (12:07:59 PM): really???????
oddisee (12:08:07 PM): i get press and shine all the time
oddisee (12:08:19 PM): i hate to name drop but have you seen the new scratch mag?
person X (12:08:28 PM): Nope
oddisee (12:08:29 PM): i'm doin aight cuzin
person X (12:08:45 PM): U been in the game longer
oddisee (12:08:52 PM): people interview me on the d.c. hiphop scene all the time
oddisee (12:09:02 PM): i had cats come do dvd's on the d.c. metro
person X (12:09:13 PM): Plus hate to say it u are black
person X (12:09:32 PM): I run in to a lot of road blocks bc I am white

oddisee (12:10:12 PM): really??????????
oddisee (12:10:21 PM): i aint heard that b4
oddisee (12:10:38 PM): scott free from d.c and he a&r'd loud records for years
person X (12:11:09 PM): Yea well some people are ushered in
person X (12:11:27 PM): But when u start from the ground up its hard
person X (12:11:43 PM): Specially when most white people in this game are distrusated

oddisee (12:11:57 PM): i see
oddisee (12:12:09 PM): thats a side of the game i dont know about
person X (12:15:31 PM): Well its there unfortuantley
oddisee (12:16:05 PM): i always thought white people ran the game
oddisee (12:16:20 PM): and got oppurtunties faster than blacks
oddisee (12:16:43 PM): you run a label right? and you signed artist right? and you got distro right?
person X (12:17:59 PM): Well actually asian people run the game
person X (12:18:10 PM): And people from the middle east
oddisee (12:18:29 PM): word?
oddisee (12:18:35 PM): not jews?
oddisee (12:20:27 PM): yo, i gotta step. got some verses to record for some over seas mixtapes
oddisee (12:20:31 PM): nice talkin to ya
oddisee (12:20:33 PM): peace


K-Murdock said...

yo, this is crazy... people gotta understand, beyond the love if u do this for a living, u must respect it as so. Its one thing to do something for free when u start out, its a payin' dues affair, but when u have tenure and others who respect and happily pay to support your skills and beyond that... know your worth, to sell your self short is a travesty and shows what YOU ultimately think about your own worth...

all that said, way to rep for the indie-self-everything artist O! real talk.


seher said...

a lot of thought provoked by this series. interesting. i really respect your approach - not backing down and your unapologetic candor. keep doin it and iA may Allah increase you :)


Mash Comp aka Wise Naim Allah said...

Wow...this is...just wow, bro. A load of WOW.

Tranqill said...

Ayo fuck that nigga son

Porsia said...

I fucken love that you post this type of stuff. shows how real you are. a lot of artists out there could learn somethin from you

Quality said...

Thats what I'm talking about, some labels have no respect for dope artists such as yourself.

J-HAZE said...


NandoMcFlyy. said...

hahahahahaha! Wow.