Tuesday, February 9, 2010

yU Traveling

I recently released a 24 track instrumental album titled "Traveling man". Each song was produced in the city the track was named after. My idea was to produce based of the influence I got from each city.
My homie yU (1/3rd of the Diamond District) kicked an ill 16 bars over the "New York City" instrumental.
You can listen to the entire album on my bandcamp page and also download yU's "yU Traveling" as a free bonus.
<a href="http://oddisee.bandcamp.com/track/free-bonus-yu-traveling-feat-yu">Free Bonus: &quot;yU Traveling&quot; Feat. yU by oddisee</a>

While you're at it, preview the entire "Traveling Man" album before you buy it!
<a href="http://oddisee.bandcamp.com/album/traveling-man">Goodbye DC by oddisee</a>


AONN said...

yo peep the blog: weve been tryna keep the east coast up to date on all the oddisee + diamond district shit. BIG ups from dNp.


Anonymous said...

Bout time you Made an LP with this man, His flow is Impeccable, Got that Ol-Skool Relentless Vibe....Excellence

ODDISEE said...

Not sure what your talking about. I did make an LP with yU it's called "In The Ruff". This post however, is about my instrumental album "Traveling Man" and how yU recorded one sixteen bar verse over one of the albums instrumentals. My apologies if anything I wrote lead you to believe this was about an LP with you yU.

Kid Captain Coolout said...

yU killed that shit yo! He needs to throw that on his album or on one of yall's releases, shit! Just so it doesn't go overlooked! I wouldn't have even known where to catch that beat rhyming-wise, prolly would'a just listened to it and been cool with that. But he ripped it! ...and that Traveling Man LP is sickening! You've got an incredible work flow sun, I'm proud to be a fan.

Kid Captain Coolout said...

Oh Shit!! Didn't realize it's the last song on Traveling Man! Haaaa!!! I'm pressing rewind on too many o'deez joints!