Saturday, February 27, 2010

Diamond District, Trek Life & Dj Quartermaine Euro Tour: Berlin, Germany

Here we are at our second to last show on our European tour and boy what an amazing trip it's been. When we arrived in Berlin we hit up some vinyl shops to do a bit of digging. We also linked up with Pete from BBE records and he took us to a few more shops. Later on, we did a dope interview for spine tv and then went to do sound check. After sound check the doors opened and the crowed started to flood in. Out of now where, the police barge in a stop the party. (just before we went on) They raided the club searching for drugs and under aged drinking. before searching me the cop asked "Where's the shit?" I replied.. "What?" he says.. "The weed, I smell it!" I say.. "Dude I've never smoked weed a day in my life!" After they left we rocked Dilla's "Fuck The Police" and the rest was history.



NASDAQ said...

it was a great show! thank you for rocking berlin :)

Anonymous said...

thx for that real cool gig in berlin! was a pretty nice show! even if the cops kinda sucked haha
keep making that real hip hop music dudes!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for a real live and energetic show in Berlin.
But before I'm signing off, I've got to make a comment about riding the underground for free. I don't have a problem with that, it's just that in Berlin, they're checking for valid tickets on a regular basis and very often, except for weekend nights. So, you were actually pretty lucky to not get checked. I'm just telling this to let other people who might visit Berlin in the future know. They charge you up to 40 Euros, if they catch you, so you might consider buying a ticket. :)

ruffmercy aka duffdirty said...

..that's the car for me ...even got my hat already in the back. great photos as always.

Kid Captain Coolout said...

I can't believe yall are still out there, that's DOPE! The Berlin crowd seemed to be the livest so far, them cats were ready. And that police run-in was almost like it is in the States, I thought they were more lenient over there. Thanks for the heads up... good luck on the last show.

ODDISEE said...

Thank you to everyone who came to the Berlin gig!

And yes, we did get lucky! Pay for the train ride people! lol

Homie, the police were straight tripping in Germany this year. We had a few issues that didn't make the blog. lol

Robert Trujillo/Tres said...

Peace homie, just got put on to ur stuff by Clean, real clean, looking forward to hearing more. Keep rocking.