Thursday, February 25, 2010

Diamond District, Trek Life & DJ Quartermaine Euro Tour: Heidelberg, Germany

Fresh off a few off days in Lausanne, Switzerland... Diamond District, Trek Life & DJ Quartermaine make their way to Heidelberg, Germany for another show. This gig was picked up along the way and was meant to be yet another off day. It's a good thing we decided to do it, we sold more CD's here than anywhere else!



Anonymous said...

Check out the Review of the DD-Gig in Heidelberg on my Blog:

it's in german, maybe google transalte will help you to understand my writings...


Kid Captain Coolout said...

That's dope that yall didn't have this date planned and still took the chance. It adds more onto that "ya never know" theory. And all of these pictures are killer! I forgot to mention that in the post after this.

Anonymous said...

What's the mixtape that ya'll playing in the car? Sounding real nice!

ODDISEE said...

Thank you for the review!

Yeah bro, Picking up shows while on tour. better than an off day! lol

That mixtape was Kid Capri, live on DJ Scratches, "Scratch Vision". DJ Quartermaine ripped the stream, burned it to CD and we rocked out to it! Kid Capri killed it!

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