Friday, February 5, 2010

Hip Hop’s Cool Again » (The Mixtape) featuring Fashawn, Blu, Exile, Diamond District (Oddisee+yU+XO) & Trek Life

In preparation for our gig in Paris together on February 16th, this mix-tape was put together.

matic « Le Hip Hop Sur Ecoute » présente:

01. Frequency Modulation (prod. Exile)
02. Diamond District - Who I Be (prod. Oddisee)
03. Fashawn – Ecology (prod. Exile)
04. Trek Life – Big Picture (Remix) (prod. Oddisee)
05. Blu – Dancing In The Rain (prod. Exile)
06. Oddisee – Hip Hop’s Cool Again (prod. Oddisee)
07. yU – Thought About It (prod. yU)
08. XO – Blah Blah (prod. Oddisee)
09. Do It (prod. Blu)
10. Trek Life – Hard Work (Remix) (prod. Oddisee)
11. Fashawn feat. Exile – Bo Jackson (prod. Exile)
12. Diamond District – The District (prod. Oddisee)
13. No Mine (prod. Blu)
14. XO – Fast Life (prod. Oddissee)
15. Blu – My World Is (prod. Exile)
16. yU – Lunchin (prod. Oddisee)
17. Fashawn feat. Blu – Samsonite Man (prod. Exile)
18. Trek Life – Cold For That (prod. Oddisee)
19. The Sound Is God (prod. Exile)

Fashawn, Blu, Exile, Diamond District (Oddisee+yU+XO) & Trek Life
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