Sunday, February 28, 2010

Diamond District, Trek Life & DJ Quartermaine Euro Tour: Jena, Germany (Final Show)

Here we are folks, The last show/post covering our European tour. When I started touring Europe four years ago, It was just me, a month long train pass and a CD of my instrumentals. To have 4 of my homies with me is a true blessing. We ended the tour on a wonderful note, it doesn't get any more Hip Hop than The Kassablanca in Jena, Germany. This venue is an old train yard converted in to a venue where graffiti writers are free to do their thing. This footage is dedicated to my homie Trek Life. In light of his new EP "Rhymes Within Reason" produced by J.Bizness and his up & coming LP "Everything Changed Nothing" produced by me, I though it was only right to showcase his new material.
To everyone who followed us on this tour, thank you! You know I'll always bring you the newest edition of what you've been missing! Peace.



Anonymous said...

What's up fellas! Q, Y, X, O Great work out there based on what I've seen. A pleasure seeing cats I've known go from the homefront to getting respect/ support overseas(elsewhere in general). Been following the posts. Very entertaining. The 2nd to last vid was the best. Congrats on the success. Have a safe flight back . All the snow melted last week. Tell Trek he's nice too. Later...

The Fudgemunk

ODDISEE said...

What up Damu!

Thank you brother, means allot to myself and the crew to know you're proud of us and followed the tour. Much respect to you and your progress as well.

Speak soon homie,

Kid Captain Coolout said...

The first time I heard of Trek Life was a few weeks before yall started this tour. My man Nito from the Frolab saw him in Cali with Georgia Anne and told me I needed to catch him live if possible. I was like, "Trek whut?" He was like, "you aint up on dude??" Man, before I could even do my homework on him I was following him through yall. Sun reminds me of a younger J-Live a little. Not to throw affiliations around but, to put it how it comes off. He's dope! And you don't see too many solo artists who can hold the stage for self as well anymore. BTW, that chop on the Al Green is killer, the song sounds fresh!

This last venue yall was at in Jena... did the inside look like a gutted out subway? If so, I've been to that spot and that shit f@cked me up when I saw it. if this aint the same place, then it's my bad on that but it sure as hell looks like it. Glad you brothas got out in the world with yall's music. Glad to hear of how your music went from a free download to one of the best hip-hop LP's of the year... I'm sure the streets have told you the same. Also glad to see it happen to some cats who can continuously deliver, that's what makes us proud to be fans.

One more thing I've been meaning to say since I caught this some weeks ago while diggin through samples... ...there is maaaaad irony in that track being entitled "New York City" on the Traveling Man LP. Good shit!