Sunday, October 17, 2010

Squirrel Welcomes Tranqill To Brooklyn


My homie Tranqill is here on his first visit to New York for CMJ. Due to so many references in rap music, he was dying to try Popeye's. We sat in a park to eat & this one squirrel would not leave Tranqill alone. Brooklyn squirrel's are something else.

Tranqill In Brooklyn


discocar said...

Is he likeing New York? has he been there before.

ODDISEE said...

So far so great. Yeah, it's his first time in NY.

Mr.Ron1 said...

My Neighborhood is packed with them but none of em are that bold. You can't get within 10 feet of one really. Guess thats that NY effect. Pixar film material all day though.

discocar said...

Nice, good to hear man, how long is he over there for? you going to work on some tracks?

hope you liked the remix I did, I won't post anything else on your wall, that was just a one off lol.

M. Phillips said...

aw MAN can't wait to see y'all tonight