Thursday, October 15, 2009

Diamond District on the Rolling Stone's Hype Monitor

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Hype Monitor: Diamond District

The Band: Diamond District
The Buzz: Longtime denizen of the underground Oddisee teams with MCs (and Scrabble proper-name points bonanzas) XO and YU for a record that documents the seamy underbelly of our nation’s capital, rapping about people in tight times pushed well past the breaking point.
Listen If: You don’t call it ” ’90s hip-hop,” you call it “real hip-hop.”
Key Track: The grim and grimy “Streets Won’t Let Me Chill,” where all three MCs take turns narrating a bleak day in the city over humid horns and a panicked vocal sample.

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San. said...

MAJOR LOVE to these three brothers right here, their music is inspiration, its only right they get their due recognition...SALUTE...!