Saturday, October 24, 2009

CMJ: Foreign Exchange & The Beat Junkies

42 st NYC
Last night I headed up to 42 street, Time Square to see the Foreign Exchange perform at BB King's. To my surprise Bobby Brown had a performance just before theirs at the same venue. From what I heard, Bobby Brown's family ran up a $30,000 tab and Brown had to use the money he was going to pay his band to pay the tab! According to my "Source" the band refused to leave until they were paid causing the Foreign Exchange show to start late. Perfect for me because me getting there an hour late ended putting me on time.
Bobby Brown @ BB King NYC
I've seen Little Brother many times but I've never seen a Foreign Exchange show, I'm glad this was the first one. On stage with Phonte was Darien Brockington, Yahzarah & Carlitta Durand. The band he used to play along side Nicolay was none other that Washington Dc's The ELs.
Check these two video clips from their performance last night.
Before the FE show I went to check the Beat Junkies spinning at Sutra Lounge. On the way I ran into Invincible & The narcicyst on the street. We grabbed some kebab's and turkish coffee with Andreyas from Plug Research and proceed to the gig.
Invincible & the narcicyst
(Invincible & The Narcicyst)
Beat Junkies @ Sutra CMJ 09
(Early Crowd at Sutra Lounge For the Beat Junkies)
Mr. Choc
(Mr. Choc)
Bonus Pics: Random People in NYC
Random People NYC Sub Way
Random People NYC Subway

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