Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Pre-Order 'People Hear What They See'

PHWTS cover

My new solo album 'People Hear What They See' Will be available exclusively on iTunes June, 5th & everywhere else on June, 12th. You can pre-order it now on iTunes.

Pre-order - 'People Hear What They See'

Press Release

“They say you have your whole life to make your first album/ guess I’ve been busy living so the first outcome/ was worth hearing...” - Oddisee “Ready To Rock”

Rappers are generally in the business of storytelling, but whether those stories are true or not is often a sidenote. “People Hear What They See” is Oddisee’s debut full length album, and its key concern is honesty - honesty with yourself, with what you tell the world, and the relationships people have with each other. The title came from a feeling that most of the time we’re content not to look or listen beneath the surface for the truths which lie beneath.

The steps of the Washington Memorial during the inauguration or a bus in east London just after the riots might not be the most practical places to write a song, but Oddisee felt it was important to write both what he saw happening around him and his own reactions to it - it’s easy to make up a hollow but impressive story when you’re alone. Often told by listeners that his music has a cinematic quality to it, sparking memories from the past or providing a soundtrack to an afternoon: Oddisee uses the spontaneous and unexpected moments which come from keen everyday observations and working with live musicians, rather than toiling at midnight in isolation with a crate full of samples in a studio, to create songs with an emotional and filmic quality.

Growing up in Washington DC, home to both America’s richest and poorest, shuttling between his Sudanese and African American families, Oddisee didn’t have the luxury of accepting a singular story or vision of the world as something he could believe in. “People Hear What They See” puts a microscope over those stories - be it a skewed media report on political policy, the escapist visions playing on commercial radio, an argument with a partner you’re with for all of the wrong reasons, or the fight between self-doubt and false-confidence in your own head.


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