Tuesday, May 22, 2012

"People Hear What They See" The People's Verdict

A couple of weeks ago some friends of mine decided to test my forthcoming album "People Hear What They See" on some random people on the streets of DC & London as an experiment... without telling me. Theses were the results.

I was fascinated by the responses given in this video. I'm use to reading reviews of my album by journalist & to be honest... Whether they're good or bad, I rarely agree with them. There was something so refreshing about my work being critiqued by total strangers. People with no agenda, just hearing music from an unknown artist & giving their honest opinion. In today's world, that's a rare thing.
I really enjoyed what the older gentlemen had to say about my album. There were a few points I felt I over produced a bit. Loved what they guy in the shades on the bench said too. All of it really! What I liked most was the fact that people who had never heard of me, surprisingly enjoyed my work. Almost as if, they were surprised they could like something they didn't know of. What does that say about how music is pushed today? If I was seen in videos, plastered on walls, on television... Would they have been less surprised in their appreciation of my work? (whispers the title of his album)

What do you think?

Background Track: Oddisee ft. Olivier Daysoul "Let It Go, Instrumental' (from People Hear What They See)

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Abu Ameenah said...

WOW...Oddisee never fails to amaze me. I'm a 47 year old hip hop fan from Chicago...a world traveler. I've been many many places and Oddisee is one of the most talented producers/artist I've ever heard. Simply amazing music. This music digs into my soul and makes me remember things from my past as I listen to the calming strings (like Barry White's music use to do)...that's a powerful thing. This song starts off subtle and begins to build until it climax's with its bassline...unlike most hip hop nowadays that hits you from the opening note. This song makes you wait...then it rewards you for your sabr or should I say patience with the beat...and the way the strings keeps me wondering "where have I heard this before?"...I'm thinking 1970's, the pure street soul of the Black Ghetto from artists like Issac Hayes, Curtis Mayfield, Marvin Gaye, etc...it's well thought out production...I do understand what being over production is because I'm a sketch artist and I'm the only one who can see the mistakes (or "over production) in my artwork so I understand Oddisee's statement of saying he thinks at times he may have "over-produced" the song but I like how the song climaxes and comes back down as the bass line comes in and out of the track...creative touch. Overall,its an intelligent arangement, I love the drama of the song, of the production. I can't wait for the cd to drop on June 5th!!! already pre-ordered on iTunes. So in the meantime I listen to "Odd renditions" to hold me over.
I'm a fan of great music!!!

Keep up the creativity, that's what hip hop is missing...it's what made hip hop grow and become an artform. This is art and Oddisee is a true ARTIST of MUSIC not just hip hop...I'm happy he has decided to bless the hip hop community with his vision.
LONG LIVE Mello Music Group and the Diamond District!!!!
Chi-Town out!!
Abu Ameenah Khalil Al-Amin

njd said...

i've been a long time fan from the UK. im looking forward to your new album!

Jo B said...

That's a really cool film. Looking forward to hearing the album.

kirkdogg74 said...

This track just ranks right up there with the of the best. Another hit again and again by oddisee. Just keep doing it kid.

Anonymous said...

Picked up on your music after hearing some Diamond District, never once have I been disappointed. I ran a college radio station for the past couple years and had a lot of hip hop come through, and Oddisee, I have to say, your music is a refreshing reminder of what music should be, and on rare occasions, can be. Thank you for that.

Debector: said...

I actually discovered you with "Ain't that Peculiar", being an absolute Marvin fan, and i just loved what you did with it.
I'm gonna listen to your album for sure, keep doing good stuff.
Laurent from France.

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