Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Prefix Geo-Tags DMV Locations Mentioned In My Lyrics

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View Oddisee's DC in a larger map, and please feel free to add & edit with additional locations.

Looking at this map, there's definitely a few more locations I can remember mentioning. Here's a few more:

Saint Marys County
Saint Marys county is the county in Maryland that half of my family originally come from berfor moving north to DC to find work. It's one of the area's Jay-Z used to hustle in, I've got cousins that remember him down there.
"I'm getting paid like Jay back in the day when he was moving yay round my way, down in Saint Marys" From - "I'm From PG"

Euclid ST. NW, DC
Euclid street is the street I would often walk down to get from Georgia ave to Adams Morgan.
"A Little way up the road, found he gold that they stole, around the next of Salvadorian's off of Euclid" From - "Gully"

Silver Spring
Silver Spring is one of the more well know suburban area's of the DMV. Sitting right on the line to the north of DC.
"My Silver Springs peeps yeah, riding on the Z2" From - "Propa"

Georgia Ave.
Georgia avenue is definitely one of the more famous avenues in DC. It's home to Howard university, the west indian day parade & is an overall center of black culture for uptown DC. It's so famous it's often simply referred to as "The Ave."
"Ery youngin on the ave. got my cised, good goddess" from "Delusional"

I'm sure there are more but that's all I can thing of at the moment. Feel free to leave more references in the comments.

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Detroit had DILLA*. How you going to put EM over Jay Dee?