Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Mello Music Euro Tour 01


I'm super late on posting photos from the Mello Music Group European tour, I know. I've been busy making music, good excuse right? To bad that's my excuse for everything.
Shout out to Apollo Brown, DJ Soko & Journalist103, you guys were great to tour with & I'm sure we will again.
Thank you to all the promoters that booked us, we hope you were pleased with out performances & that'll you have us again.
Most of all, thank you to the fans that came out each & every night!

Much respect to Dan & Timm of "MindFeederz" for booking an amazing tour. I'll be sure to work with them again.
Berlin, Germany
Zurich, Switzerland
Paris, France
Stockholm, Sweden

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André said...

I work in an office on the other side from the building pictured in Berlin!