Wednesday, May 4, 2011

New Mexico Part 2

Old town Las Cruces

The good folks of "Soul Verse" host an annual festival at New Mexico state university, Las Cruces. Last year they invited my self & Trek Life out & we had an amazing time. We were both happy to find out they wanted us back. This time we performed along side Ceu & her band. We also go to get a little sight seeing in thanks to our Navajo friend Dana Nez.

with Brazilian singer Céu.
w/ Ceu

Old town Las Cruces

DJ Marco of Brazil, Trek Life & myself.
w/ DJ Marco of Brazil & Trek Life

Old town Las Cruces.

Puerto Rican Hip Hop Group "Alkem"
Puerto Rican hip hop group Alkem

Old town Las Cruces

S/O to our Navajo tour guide Dana Nez! Taught us so much about her culture in such a short time.
Our tour guide, Dana Nez

Old town Las Cruces

My Navajo native homies showing me & Trek how to through up their arrow sign.
Our Taos Pueblo homies showing us how to throw up their arrow sign.

Um... not sure what they're planting here. Forgot to ask.

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