Saturday, May 7, 2011

Doing It In The Park

Dennis Turner

Man oh man, the past two weeks have been crazy. I've been working on an instrumental album called "Rock Creek Park". I wasn't suppose to be working on this until June but the deadline was switched. In two weeks I created 10 tracks, recording drums, trumpet, keys, bass, violin & yU. I'll be mixing it this weekend, turning it in on Monday & hopefully shooting the cover early next week.
Rock Creek Park was & will always be one of my favorite places in DC. As a child I spent allot of time riding my bike through the park from Maryland into DC & out to Virginia. Apparently in the 70's, couples did allot MORE than ride through it.
These instrumentals were created to reflect the feelings I get when I'm riding, walking or driving through the park day or night. In short, it's a summer time feel good record for that ass. Can't wait for ya'll to hear it.

Le Studio
Sat at my desk for two weeks & made all the beats.

yU came through to record vocals to the opening track.

The Unknown
Headed back to DC to record all the live instrumentation at my boy "Unknown's" house. That's "Unknown" he's dope!

Toine of DTMD
Before I got started, Toine of DTMD dropped by to give me some pointers on my new camera. He has the same one.

W/ Friends

W/ Friends
okay so I didn't get right to work, I had to go kick it with friends & grill first.

Jon Laine
The next morning Jon Laine came through to lay some drums down.

Dennis Turner
The following morning, Dennis Turner came over to lay down some bass. Just after that Rich, myself & our Friend Lulu Fall headed to York, Pennsylvania to work with Ralph Real on keys & Joe McDowell on trumpet.

On The Way To York
Driving to York

Ralph Real
The man that plays on the majority of my tracks, Ralph Real.

Lulu Fall

Lulu Fall at the studio in York
Singer/song writer Lulu Fall

Joe Mcdowell
recording Joe McDowell on Trumpet

Lucan Pipkin on violin

Lucan Pipkin on violin
Last but not least, Lucan Pipkin on violin. I had been trying to get up with Lucan for days. Just hours before my bus back to NY, she came through!

At the studio in York
& that ladies & gentlemen, is how you produce an album in two weeks, photograph it & set your camera on self timer to capture the cool & sophisticated contemplation of your accomplishments. Rock Creek Park coming this summer.


Abraham said...

Man oh man,,'re the encyclopedia for young cats who need a reference point in terms of how to do what you do and do it well, efficiently, in an organized fashion, and make sure your presentation is on point. I stay saluting, brother... :]

ruffmercy said...

really looking forward to this one... future soundtrack to my summer.