Sunday, December 19, 2010

Top 5 Cities In The Top 5 Countries That Visit My Blog


I use google analytics for lots of reasons. Knowing where I'm most popular helps me book tours, figure out which countries to do exclusives for, release dates, etc.. I thought I'd share with you the top 5 cities in the top 5 countries that visit my blog. I'm often amazed that a large amount of my visits come from smaller towns yet I spend most of my time performing in major cities. According to these statistics my next visit to California needs to be Alameda & not LA.

1. USA
1. Alameda, Ca
2. NY, NY
3. Silver Spring, MD
4. Panama City, FL
5. Wilson, NC

2. France
1. Nancy
2. Paris
3. Bordeaux
4. Nice
5. Chatou

3. United Kingdom
1. London
2. Teddington
3. Poplar
4. Oxford
5. Edinburgh

4. Germany
1. Cologne
2. Berlin
3. Munich
4. Hamburg
5. Aachen

5. Canada
1. Toronto
2. Waterloo
3. Vancouver
4. Outremont
5. Don Mills


teamLUCCI said...

Yo you should ready come down here we're putting people on to you and your whole squad link up with me lets get you down here real talk

toknblkguy said...

deng im hella surprised alameda #1 but yea thatd be dope if you came to the bay.. you could get up wit zioni n moe green..

ekrem said...

ha! now it´s official! you need to come to cologne/germany! chea!! :)

Max said...

COLOGNE! we know good music!

Drew Kid said...

"Silver Spring peeps, yea, ridin' on the Z2!" haha

supergolfer257 said...

gotta come to the OC, just moved here...crazy good vibes and super fine chicas down in these parts. bring JR, PH7 and Trek Life!

giovanni said...

Pretty impressed that panama city made the us list. im just west in pensacola and have been spreading the word on oddisee since foot in the door. please come visit.