Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Peace Fat Beats

As you may or may not know, Fat Beats LA & Fat Beats NY closed their doors today. I'm not going to waste time listing the reasons for their closure. Times are changing and the formats in which we receive & listen to music are as well. What will stay the same is this, the importance of a venue that allows artists & fans alike to meet. Fat Beats was more than just a record store to me, it was a place where music came to life. Getting my art work approved before manufacturing meant the record was coming out. Seeing a .jpg of my album on iTunes & blogs meant it was available. Seeing my record on the shelf of a Fat Beats store with my name written in magic marker on a white sheet of paper meant it was real.
Coming out for the numerous in stores to perform, meet fans, answer questions and network meant the album reached people, people in the real world. Can we create a place in today's world where artist can congregate, fans come to hear new Hip Hop coupled with an intimate performance that give us more incentive to support the music we love? I think so and I intend to focus on that. Hip Hop is alive & well, respect the past, now lets embrace the future.

Here's a few photographs I took in Fat Beats LA & NY. Some videos as well. Thank you Fat Beats
yU & Slimkat78


Ronin said...

Damn!.....didn't realize that they were closing. Too bad. It's the place that you go for local ish....

Anonymous said...

Yo Oddisee... I remember being at Fat Beats NYC around 2005 and Kev Brown made a beat on the spot that you spit over. There were some cameras filming... you have footage of that?