Saturday, August 28, 2010

From Vote To Hope To Hate


This is a photo I took of an Obama poster on Georgia avenue in Washington, DC some time ago. Notice it says vote & not hope. This poster has been here since before our president was elected. I"ve driven passed it often over the years and I can't help but notice it's gradual decay. For every inch of this poster torn down by time and the elements, America reveals it's true self. The TEA PARTY is in town for a march and speech at the Lincoln memorial. The same place Martin Luther King spoke, at the same time. This week marks the anniversary of his famous I have a dream speech. I drove past this poster today and President Obama's face isn't even noticeable anymore. Left me with allot on my mind about the social & racial state of the country.

Please have a look at the TEA PARTIES followers & messages---> TEA PARTY

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DeVon said...

I agree completely Oddisee! I was talking to a co-worker today about this and how when President Obama was elected it was the most quiet day I had experienced. I knew then there was a deep, deep divide that had silently bubbled to the surface. I am upset at the the sheer hatred and that racism is blinding people from real problems, upset many treat Obama as a lame duck and how people follow like he's not doing ANYTHING. I worried for the future.

Worried that people who say "we want our counry back" but don't know what that means are going to take power and continue to do as much as possible not to progress this country. I'm glad you have traveled and I have and we both know the rest of the world is leaving us behind as far as thought process and innovation. I pray people see what is going on and not just sit on the sidelines.