Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Video: Trek Life - "So Supreme" On ESPN

Trek Life - So Supreme
As many of you may or may not know, I produced Trek Life's next album "Everything Changed Nothing". Trek is like a brother to me & when he agreed to let me produce his next album, I felt it was only right to pack my bags & head out to LA to produced. I'm such a fan of regional rap, I wanted the challenge of creating a "California" Hip Hop record after crafting such a rugged, east coast sound for Diamond District. Trek is a veteran in what I see as a new wave of Cali Hip Hop. Trust me when I say this will be one of the better releases of 2010 and of west coast Hip Hop in recent years.

Trek Life's - "So Supreme" Available On iTunes July 13th
The Album - "Everything Changed Nothing" Available July 24th

ESPN is now using Trek Life's single "So Supreme" as the theme music to their NBA & NHL finals montages.

Bonus: Trek & I Cruise While Listening To His New Album "Everything Changed Nothing"

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Kid Captain Coolout said...

That's dope that ESPN is giving him run on two sports... and the Finals at that! I'ma get dude's album when it drops without a doubt. That "Due West" joint was sounding fat!