Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Diamond District XXL Mention

If you’re like me, then you’re probably worn out from all of the Drake footage that sites like the main hustle are flooding the e-waves with (I apologize for that). It happens from time to time, and while I do find it somewhat annoying myself there’s actually a percentage of society that truly care about every single thing the guy does.

For the other 85% of the hip hop world, however, most of us look to the sites like the main hustle either for new, different sounds or to snatch up “unauthorized” leaks before those alphabet boys come killing UserShare links and what have you. I personally have been listening to stuff that’s decidedly un-Aubrey like, and here are a few of said artists.

Diamond District: Wale isn’t the only act people should recognize from the DMV. Oddisee, XO and yU have ironically made some of the best East Coast boom-bap from the land of go-go and… errr… The Wire. The Diamond District released In The Ruff as a free (albeit edited) album last spring, and when it officially dropped in stores several months later it was still able to move units. Perhaps New York should pay attention to that instead of blaming everybody else for its issues.

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Kid Captain Coolout said...

"Sites like the main hustle", LOL!! Now that's sarcasm! Good to see Meka plugging yall in there cuz it's mad politics behind them scenes. Keep breaking barriers kid