Saturday, May 1, 2010

Cruising Cali W/ Trek Life Lsitening To His New Album "Everything Changed Nothing"

Trek Life
So I'm back on the west coast for a few weeks doing a bunch of shows. If you don't already know, I produced an entire album for Trek Life (with the exception of one song) titled, "Everything Changed Nothing". The album was entirely made in California and will be available on Mello music group/Oddisee Music July 27th, 2010.
here's a little video of us listening to several songs off his new album while on the way back to his studio. First glimpse, check it out!!!!

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Leo said...

wow! this is crazy - you and hudmo on the production ,and trek life rappin.
it's a pity that i'll have to wait for 3 months to listen to it((