Thursday, January 7, 2010

Diablog: I'm Sorry But No

RealHipHop December 21, 2009 at 7:26pm
hey Oddisee how are you?

im french. can you make me a favor?
i make this page for real hip hop lovers, and i wanna make other blogs, myspace... ONLY FOR REAL HIP HOP!!!
i wanna make my publicity.
can you make me a pic of you, with a paper on your hand with written "real hip hop"???
i ask that to rappers, graffers, models... all over the world.
i think of you because in france you are a big head of real hip hop, and you can be a very good publicity for me to start.
tell me if you are ok or no, its a simple pic for you, but a big big big favor for me. in exchange if you want i can make publicity for you.
i hope you understand me because my english is a little bad.
thanks ;-)

RealHipHop January 4 at 11:47am
hi, happy new year!!!
do you got my message?

Amir Mohamed January 4 at 12:02pm
Hello and happy new year. If you'd like a traditional radio drop, I'd be glad to do one for you. Holding a sign up how ever I won't, peace.

RealHipHop January 4 at 12:07pm
ok thanks, i just wanna a pic of you like the pic of my profile ( ) to make my publicity. for real hip hop lovers.
if you need a favor in exchange, no problem, tell me.
tell me if you are ok for the pic, sorry for my bad english lol.

Amir Mohamed January 4 at 1:34pm
Hello again, I don't think you understood me. I am always happy to help promote hip hop but I do not do it by holding up signs in pictures. Once again I'm sorry, peace.


Fabio said...

There's crazy people out there. Just because we can speak to everyone on the internet these days people do this.

Anonymous said...

nice one!

Anonymous said...

He'll probably just get some other clown to do it and photoshop your head in there! LOL.

Dunc said...


kokayi said...

you didn't know you were a puppet?.. shit the memo came out in '85, 95' '03 and yesterday..all public figures are subject to crazy suspect requests and required to participate or face accusations of exhibiting extreme hubris. should you not comply, no matter the language barrier ,you will be labeled an asshole or arrogant "star"..he should be blessed you didn't kirk. well handled sir.

Anaïs said...

Ha ha ha ha ha...
But who's that guy seriously !?
(I'm soooo ashamed to be french for Christ sake!)

Anaïs said...

Ha ha ha, sorry, I just read it again...
What a dumb. Damn it!