Monday, January 18, 2010

Diamond District, Trek Life, Euro Tour Updates

This February Diamond District & Trek Life along with Quatermaine (Supa Qool DJ Uncle Q) are heading off to Europe for tour. We're still booking dates, please contact if interested. Tour dates are below the photos, peace!
Quartermaine (Supa Qool DJ Uncle Q)
Quatermaine a.k.a. Supa Qool DJ Uncle Q (Please visit
Trek Life
Trek Life

Diamond District Trek Life Euro Tour

11 - Mainz, Red Cat
12 - Brussels (B), Blue Funk District
13 - Münster, Skaters Palace
16 - Paris (F), La Bellevoise
18 - Linz (A), Kapu
19 - Roma (I), Acrobax
20 - Bergamo (I), Paci Paciana
24 - Heidelberg, Halle02
26 - Berlin, Bohannon
27 - Jena, Kassablanca


This That ,And The Other said...

Good shit good luck with the tour guys, have fun be safe and just say no to white groupies. Lol jokin, wait no im serious !

ekrem said...


Elad said...

Wish i was eourpean, hopefuly see you guys next year, if you'll come visit romania

NASDAQ said...

i hope you guys get booked in berlin, i really want to see your live show!

karanka said...

come to london!

Anaïs said...

Oh I see...
You guys are fierce dudes!
Don't come to my city though (nothing to see, nothing to do)


klasus lex said...

I'm so amped about your Europe Tour. Please play in BERLIN, Germany. We've got this super dope underground club here called CASSIOPEIA ( I don't work for them, nor I know who's doing the bookings for them, but I know, they support that real rap sh¡¡¡¡t and I'd bet they would let you perform there. Everybody has been there, man. From Masta Ace, Jeru the Damaja, Wildchild, O.C. to J-Ro of tha Liks. The list goes on and on and on. Please bless us with a show, pleaaaase!! I've gotte hear your stuff live, and XO has to drop that 4RNO joint ;)

NASDAQ said...

can't wait for your concert in berlin!!

"I"oder"Z" said...

YEAH! Berlin! Great! i hope they have a tight promo here. the club has to be packed:-)

jenny. said...

KÖLN!!!!! [2]

missed ur part of the show in münster because i arrived. now i see youre doing a show in my hometown on the 28th but i wont be around. come to cologne!!

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