Thursday, December 17, 2009

Diamond District "In The Ruff" Remixes

Diamond District in ATL
Ladies & Gentlemen, welcome to the newest edition of what you've been missing! if you don't already know, when I go a while without posting that means I'm super busy. I've come up for air this past week and lunch. I've got some new remixes for you! yU (1/3 of Diamond District) has stepped from behind the Mic and in to the producers chair for his remix of "I Mean Business". Up & coming DC producer SlimKat78 has also blessed Diamond District with his remix of "Make It Clear". yU & SlimKat also have a group called "The1978ers". If you've heard yU's "Before taxes" you'd know SlimKat78 was all over that on the beats. If not, you're slipping. Now check out these remixes! peace.

yU's "I Mean Business" Remix (Click Photo To Download)
yU of Diamond District

SlimKat78's "Make it Clear" Remix (Click Photo To Download)


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inphy said...

nice remixes))
btw are those acapellas somewhere to download or were they yU/SlimKat exclusive?

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I think that this remix is so cool, I was downloading the album but my computer did not work anymore,so I want to have the original CD.

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