Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Diablog: Advice... Even When You Don't Ask For It

This is a myspace message I got from a producer from Carlow, Ireland. He thinks I have potential and that makes me happy....

28/2009 3:34 PM

Just came by ya page.
im definaty feelin your music you got alot of potential.
im feelin that first track you gotta tweak the vocals a lil bit though because theres alot goin on in that track some of the lyrics are gettin lost in the track if you get me!!
make tracks as simple as you can!
most the time simple tracks are the best you know!
you got a good vibe about you though!
and thats a credit to you because iv produced for alot of artists and theres alot more whack artists on the net than talented ones! so keep up the good work
you have any new projects comin up?
get at me!


ruffmercy aka duffdirty said...

..thats some funny shit

bp said...

Ha ha definitely some bad advice, keep on doing what you're doing Oddisee - you're one of the many reasons I love living in the DMV.

Anonymous said...

Just because he produced MC ThatsMyHomeboy doesn't mean he's qualified to give advice. lol. You are mad funny the way you put people on blast with their messages. lol

Anonymous said...

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