Friday, September 23, 2011

MMG European Tour

Bike In Berlin

September 29 to October 8th Apollo Brown, The Left & myself will be touring Europe. Dates below.

Sep. 29 - Linz, Austria [Kapu]

Sep. 30 - Zurich, Switzerland [Stall 6]

Oct. 1 - ST. Etienne, France [Le Fil]

Oct. 2 - Paris, France [Glazart]

Oct. 3 Brussels, Belgium [London Calling]

Oct. 4 - Cologne, Germany [Bogen 2]

Oct. 5 - Duisberg, Germany [High5 Club]

Oct. 6 - Berlin, Germany [Bohannon]

Oct. 8 - Aarhus, Denmark [Voxhall]


Bruno Assis Fonseca said...

I've got to ask some clubs in Portugal why they didn't invite you.

Would be be cool if you come here with the whole low budget crew

Torbs said...

Niice, I'm going to spread the word! I'll be taking the 3h train ride to see you in Zurich, too. Enjoy your tour!

Q-Man said...

Why not London!!!!!! This has made me a very unhappy person!

derpatrik said...

thank you for comming to zurich! ...i will be there!

derpatrik said...

Hey man, thank's for the evening yesterday in Zurich. Great beats, great lyrics, great style...liked your clarks;)
...and can't wait to hear your new solo album, tracks you've played yesterday...crazy..."i wanna be real"

Anonymous said...

please come to amsterdam!!

Yeah said...

come Manchester, I will get the bus to a nite spot to see you!

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