Monday, August 22, 2011

Rock Creek Park

oddisee Rock Creek Park Cover

Rock Creek Park is now available to purchase on | BandcampiTunes | Fat Beats | UGHH | Amazon |

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Rock Creek Park Will be available on vinyl September 27th.


Flisenleger said...

your music comes from heart, foot in the door mixtape is phenomenal.keep on!!

Matthew F Doherty said...

i hail from the outskirts of dc — bethesda, maryland in fact. so one can say, i do not actually hail from dc. but through all of the privilege, the most despicable sort of "yoof kulcher", and the most tenacious, the msot enviable of circumstances, i must say:
this absolutely fucking destroys. i have never heard anything like it in my lifetime. long live this album. it is the single most exciting thing i've sensed in a long, long time.

Anonymous said...

This album is incredible.
I'm sure I'm not the only listener who can hear the progression in your music from mixtapes to albums, but you've raised the bar for yourself this time. Your talent and ear for complex melodies just keep developing. I hope the quality of "Rock Creek Park" is an indication of what's to come.
My only complaint is the price - as soon as I heard the first track I had to rent a zipcar to make sure this was heard throughout the streets of Chicago!
Much love from the windy city.

Logikbomb said...

Odd, This is your Washingtonian Brother (South East,Anacostia) Producer LOGIKBOMB. I bought this album man and ALL I CAN SAY is...PHENOMINAL!!! A Barrier has just been broke son. Keep doin what you do, and as far as DC is concerned Ima hold the torch while you rep us in NY. PEACE! (Will Wade) ~ (LOGIKBOMB: DC Producer)202-455-1954

ruffmercy said...

...heavy, heavy stuff

love the reworking of one of my favourite curtis/impressions tunes

keep on doing what you doing cos it's working


DJ Daigoro said...

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