Wednesday, June 29, 2011

XO - Effortless


New video & music from uptown XO. His new album "Monumental II" will be available soon. Diamond District!


Logikbomb said...

XO! This ur Boy Logikbomb... LuvN The vid Kid, and Im lookin forward to the Album drop. Until then you can look for my BEHIND THE BEATS vid after July 28th (Big Up to GADGET @ DigitalHustleMedia!) and at various upcomin DMV events. Peace!

~ Logikbomb (DC Producer)
202-455-1954 (Holla at me 4 Beattapes)

thePolokid said...

(Roosevelt Ryan) aka TheKid Polo: Im luvn the vid kid... You have come along way homey.... Man I didnt really know you was into the rap game like that... I couldve thru some MajorTeam clients atya when we was in school man, but IM glad to see that your traveling modeling clothes and doing ur thing..... (Madness4Life) homey... UPT theres no place like home....