Monday, January 3, 2011

LA Times On "A Year In"

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Wow... Really appreciate what the LA Times had to say about me & "A Year In".

Taken from the LA Times Music Blog

Oddisee -- "A Year In..."

Oddisee spent 2010 trying to live up to his name, collaborating with a range of characters, including Brighton, England's trip-hop soulstress Andreya Triana, jazzy New York favorite Homeboy Sandman and the top tier -- X.O., Kingpin Slim, yU -- of his Washington, D.C., hometown. His soulful wanderings lamped in Los Angleles long enough to produce ideal complements to the laid-back palm-tree flows of TiRon, Blu and Trek Life. Available for free at his Bandcamp site, the compilation traces the arc of one of the most gifted and unsung producers in rap.




Orsii said...

Forgot to comment the first time I read this... But not the second time ;) Well deserved praise my friend, you really are incredibly good (to say the least!) Keep up the good work! I hope you're well said...

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