Tuesday, November 23, 2010

[Free Download] Stik Figa - "From The Top"

Stik Figa

I've been talking about this EP for a while now & it's finally coming out. Topeka, Kansas MC "Stik Figa & I came together to create the "From The Top" EP. In the tradition of Diamond District, Trek Life & Tranqill... "From The Top" brings you regional Hip Hop. This time from Topeka through the eyes of Stik Figa. Check the first single above & download it for free. Be on the lookout for the rest of the EP next week.


PGS said...

You are crazy, crazy talented. I started listening to your music while I lived in DC a few years ago, and one or two of the tracks you've produced have made my year-end Top 10 list ever since. Don't worry, I'm spreading the Oddisee gospel.

jesse said...

Nice song, I'll be checking for the whole thing. That chorus is quite...overpowering.