Wednesday, July 21, 2010

De La Soul Are Diamond District Fans

Diamond District recently performed at the Brooklyn Hip Hop festival. The headliners of the event we De La Soul. BrooklynBodega caught up with the legendary group after their performance. Here's what they had to say about Diamond District

BB: You have so many fans all over the place. You just mentioned that you’ll listen to Mos‘ album and think you have to step your game up. Are there any new artists that you’re feeling? Are there any younger cats that you like and how do you feel about the way Hip-Hop is right now?

Pos: Overall, creativity is definitely lacking. But there’s always good groups, man. There’s always new things that I can hear. There’s new things that I hear from the South. It can be a rhyme that Jeezy said [and I’m like] “Whoa!”. There are things that Lil Wayne says, there’s always things that I hear that I think sounds dope. One of the groups that I’ve been stuck on for a minute — I’ve known Oddisee for the longest — but his project Diamond District, I’m stuck on them n*****. I love Diamond District. I play that shit every day…

BB: You missed them. They rocked earlier today.

Pos: I know. Religiously, I rock with them. I mess with them.

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Ronin said...

Too true! I heard the remix on the Marco Polo album too. I'm always letting people know 'bout Oddisse and the Diamond District. Keep up the good work! Not to mention, I was there at the BKHF '10!

Anonymous said...

you need to collab with them, would be amazing!

A☼NN said...

thats dope, de la has always been

Robert Trujillo said...

Well deserved props homez.