Tuesday, April 13, 2010

"Vote" by Alsarah Prod. by & Feat Oddisee

Here's a track I produced & featured on with my home girl AlSarah. We created this song for the Sudanese elections. Sarah explains the song in the first video, the second is the song its self. Look, listen, learn, peace.

Alsarah is a Brooklyn based singer, songwriter and Giant Step team member hailing from Khartoum, Sudan. She loves to travel, does not like long walks on the beach, and prefers kimchi to cake.

Alsarah shares her experience:

Today I go to vote for the first time as a Sudanese citizen. Three weeks ago I could not contain my excitement about this momentous occasion, but today I sadly know it won’t count for anything. Despite the reports flooding in about rampant cheating in the electoral process, not to mention the recent withdrawal of the majority of other presidential candidates, I like to tell myself at least I am getting some practice in on my right for self determination.

This being the first election since 1985, it has been getting a lot international attention, and a lot of media is being produced on the country in general. Among the international organizations focusing on the topic is Media in Cooperation and Transition, aka MICT, in association with the German Foreign Office, who have been running an online campaign covering the elections in general, and released a compilation of songs by Sudanese singers and song writers, of which I was one, relating to the elections titled Sudan Votes Music Hopes. I was in Berlin for the SVMH release party when I received the news that most of the candidates running for the elections had withdrawn from the race a mere few days before people were due to go to the ballots.

While deeply dejected, I feel that at least now so many of the people of Sudan had made it clear they seek a democratic change, and that gives me hope to look forward to the possibility of a fair elections in the not so distant future.

Alsarah explains how her song, “Vote,” came to be: Alsarah Video Interview



Htet said...

this is a beautiful piece backed by a hard hitting beat

Kid Captain Coolout said...

That's a lot of mixtures in music right there, and all of it came off well at once! I'm f@ckin with that! And how ill is it for this to be hittin so close to home... nice 360.

Anonymous said...

Great song and video. I felt like I understood every word.

gmuva said...

love it bro - is there a link to buy the tune / download?