Tuesday, March 23, 2010

South by Southwest’s Fourth Most Buzzed-About Artist? Oddisee

It's such an honor for me to be on this list. There was no publicist working an angle, no manager with great contacts, no inside guy with good connections... This was a list complied by people, by fans.
Thank you to everyone that tweeted, facebooked, myspaced, blogged, texted & anything else about me!

Here's an explanation of the list:
Next Big Sound created two lists of buzzed-about bands by counting increase in social media activity during the period that encompassed SXSW, the first being a list of the fastest growing bands at SXSW and the second being the bands that gained the most fans overall during the fest.

Here's the List:
1). Fang Island
2). Neon Trees
3). XV
4). Oddisee
5). Jonna Lee
6). Matthew Mayfield
7). Evergreen Terrace
8). The Antlers
9). Phantogram
10). GZA

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1 comment:

Kid Captain Coolout said...

"A fancy equation that figures out how quickly artists are adding fans across their social network profiles." That seems about as fair as it can get for judging these days. And when you look back at 2009, you ran a steady pace at releasing good music. Congrats man, you definitely earned this.