Tuesday, June 10, 2008

95 North

As requested I give you the original sample I used to make "95 North". The original is a song by Willie Hobbs titled "Yes My Goodness Yes". As you'll hear I didn't do much to the track....Some times a sample is so dope you can't. check it out, peace.

Willie Hobbs "Yes My Goodness Yes"

95 North Instr.

95 North


Unknown said...

my man! thank you very much...you did something to this track, no doubt...you increased the funkiness quotient 10 fold! thank you and keep doing what you do. you've got people out here that you inspire my man, and one marylander to another, stay blessed!

vonpea.com said...

you flipped that shit mayne

Anonymous said...

*looks @ the sign* You know looking at that picture I'd think this song was about baltimore

ODDISEE said...

That shot is taken in the DMV. 95 goes from Miami to Main. any point North of Miami is 95 north. 95 is such an important high way from Richmond to Boston because it goes through are cities and connect us all, kinda of giving us the same mind state. If I'm not mistaken once you hit NC, 85 and 83 connect most southern cities more. I'm saying all this assuming you're not from the east coast. If you are then you already know, peace.