Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Sydney, Australia Day one

Yeah.... So we thought we won.. we thought we got off a 14 hour flight from LA, dropped off our bags, grabbed a bite to eat, did two radio shows saw some sites, got harassed by a homeless guy all without falling victim to jet lag... WRONG! I'm writing this blog at 2:50am on September 5th. (12:50 September 4th for you folks back home) Now, you may be saying to your self "what's wrong with writing a blog at 3:00am in the morning? well, I'm just waking up from an 8 hour sleep! What the f^#% are we supposed to do now?! so yeah, enjoy the photos of our first day in Australia. stay tuned, peace!

1.first radio interview with Kween G on The Tipping point radio show Alchemy radio
2.Sig's on the wall at Alchemy radio
3.Getting some good food
4.Alchemy radio
5.View of Sydney from Triple J radio
6.We Da Best!
7.Green power
8.food and liquor
9. Triple J radio Show with Maya Jupiter Maya Jupiter


mister Watson said...


The pics are madly funny!!!
Kev with his serious face behind the yellow personage.

thanks for this moment of humility Oddisee

shoop said...

haha, you two as bananas in pyjamas, that pic is gold. hope you beat the jet lag. see you in melb.

Anonymous said...

be safe yall!

Duncan said...

aye amir...I think Paul can appreciate that photo of you and kev in those Banana outfits..

CHeck that out^^ HAHAH

hillydilly said...

i like that purple hoodie your rockin

Anonymous said...

hahaha man that bannana photo is a classic! maybe album cover material